How To Add Music & Create An Album / Playlist

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Start With Your SONGWRITER Account

1. Under Accounts, open your Songwriter Account.

2. Click on Asset Manager at the top of your screen. On the left hand side you will see different icons: Welcome, Photos, Audio, Songs, etc.

3. Click Photos and upload pictures (album covers, promo photos to use on your site, singles and playlist pictures, band photos etc.) These will be used later for your album or song artwork and throughout your website.

4. Click on Audio and upload your audio files (songs). When you "upload" your audio files, keep in mind that the file can be in Mp3 or WAV format for your Songwriter Account. WAV files are required in your Artist Account, but FLAC is also accepted. You can upload multiple Audio files at one time.

This link explains why this is necessary: The Reason Song Upload Options Vary Between Songwriter & Artist Accounts.

If you need help converting your file from Mp4 or WAV to Mp3, click here.

5. Next, click Songs.

6. Click the blue +Add Song Composition button. We recommend watching the instructional video that pops up - it explains why so much information is needed alongside the file upload to Release a song on Rhythmic Rebellion.

7. Go down the list and fill in all necessary fields. There will be a green check mark next to the field once the info needed is filled in properly. If there are additional songwriters, this is where you'll add their info to make sure they'll be credited for their work! If your co-writer isn't already on Rhythmic Rebellion, enter their email so Rhythmic Rebellion can contact and inform them of their recognition and writer split for that piece of music. It will also invite them to join - but don't worry, you can still release the song whether or not they join. We just want them to be able to receive due credit for the composition they helped create!

8. When you're finished filling in all of the song info, make sure you have ALL green check marks in the left menu. If any required field is missing and doesn't have a green check mark, you will not be able to release the song until that field is completed.

9. Then, click the blue Release button at the top right.

*Note: Think of your SONGWRITER account as your asset bank. Now we can move onto your ARTIST account where you will build your actual website and publish your songs for your fans!

Build Your ARTIST Account

1. From your Songwriter Account, click Master Account. Then click on your Artist Account which will display the menu below. Click Open Account.

2. Read the info on the welcome page to learn more about your Artist Account and all the features Rhythmic Rebellion offers for you to monetize your music.

3. Make sure to check the box that says share assets which will transfer all of the info you just entered on your Songwriter Account TO your Artist Account. (This is important! Then you won't have to upload photos, audio, songs, and other assets a second time!) Questions on this? Read this article.

4. On the left side of your screen, click Songs. Then click the blue Add Song Recording Title (SRT) button at the top of your screen. This is a mandatory step and you will not see your songs unless you do this. 

*Note: Do not skip the first step - Song Composition Title Connection. You will need to fill in some new info until you reach the option to PULL song traits and characteristics from your Songwriter Account. See image below:

5. Make sure you click the blue Complete button at the top right corner when finished entering required info. Failure to click this button means your songs will not be available in your Albums or Playlists and you will not be able to complete your SRT if there is not a green check mark next to all of the required fields!

6. Once completed, click on Albums. Then click the blue + Add Album button and upload or click on the songs you want to include in that album. Set the Album name, description, images, release options and genre. You can set the album to release immediately or set a future date for release with a pre-order function if needed. Make sure to click the Complete button when finished! Now, you'll be able to add your album to your website by dragging it down from the Features menu under the Site Builder. 

See image below:

7. Again, under your Artist Account, you can then click on Playlists and click on the blue +Add Playlist button on the top left.

8. Fill in the blanks (name, picture, recordings, etc). Be sure to click Yes at the bottom so your playlist will automatically be at the top of your website for fans to load and listen to as they check out your site. See image below: 

9. Then click the SAVE button on the top right of your screen. Again, you'll be able to add a Playlist to any website page by dragging it from the Features section in your Site Builder.