Rhythmic Rebellion Knowledge Base

Adding Your Music

2 articles

Album Unzip Instructions

How to unzip the album files after download

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Artist Account Docs

12 articles

Assets Manager

Photos, Albums, Playlist, and more for different roles

13 articles


3 articles

Fan Site

1 article

Fans Section

Fans section functionality is described in this cathegory

8 articles

Frequently Asked Questions

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Live Streaming

To describe all related to Live Streaming functionality

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Merch Store

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Money & Accounting

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Music Label

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Tips & Tricks

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Creator Site Accounts

4 articles

Master Account

Getting Started and Overview

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Mobile Apps

The category for the help articles related to the mobile apps.

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Site Builder

37 articles

Song Composition Title

14 articles

Song Recording Title

Artist Account-The Song Recording Title creation form allows you to create metadata.

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Songwriter Account Docs

These are the help files for the songwriter docs

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