Getting Started


It will greatly improve your success on our system.

Welcome to Rhythmic Rebellion. We are proud to have you join our REBELLION!

As a Music Creator, you'll sign up & create your Songwriter and Artist accounts with Rhythmic Rebellion using Be sure to bookmark this site! If you haven't already signed up, join! 

Just to clarify, is where you'll upload content, build a website & promote your work as a Songwriter and ArtistFans will use the Fan Site via or your website.

Links to articles shown in the video:
IMPORTANT! Our long term goal is to help songwriters make a much higher income than they do on other streaming sites. In order to do this, the songwriters and their shares in a music composition must be defined. Songwriters must sign up and create the song compositions. An artist's song can only be offered to fans after it has been connected back to the songwriter's composition so that shares are equally distributed.

Getting Started

1. Once you're signed up & signed in, you'll be directed to your Master Account Dashboard. On the top left of your Master Account click Create New Account. When you first sign in to your Music Creator Site, you are automatically directed inside your Master Account ( MA). Inside this MA you can create sub-accounts like songwriter, artist, music publisher and music label. Watch this video to learn how to get started and to understand how the music business defines songwriters and artists.

2. Singer / Songwriter: Create your Songwriter Account and follow the instructions to create song compositions. Once your compositions are created and released, create your Artist Account. Then create your Song Recording Titles by clicking on Songs on the left menu inside your Artist Account.
3. Singers / Bands: If you are a singer or band but not the songwriter, you need to ask the songwriter to sign up and create their compositions. You will create an Artist Account and Song Recording Titles, then do a search for the songwriter's Compositions, where you can connect to them. This allows you to release the songs your band plays but did not write.
4. Inside your Artist Account is where you will find your FREE website builder! At the top of the page, click on Artist Site Builder. You can connect a domain name you already own to your RR site and use our site to sell your music, merchandise, and more!
5. Other items you will need to create for use on your website include: Albums, Playlists, Add-Ons, Karaoke, Tours, Mailing List, and News. Click these items on the left hand menu to learn more about how to use that feature. After you create a feature, simply go to your Site Builder to click and drag it wherever you want it to appear on your site!

If you don't already have it open, here's a comprehensive checklist to take you through each step:

Singer / Songwriter / Band How-To Checklist

Have Questions?

Click the question mark icon next to Dashboard at the top left of the page to bring up our Knowledge Base help articles from inside the Rhythmic Rebellion Creators Site

A helpful tip is to bookmark our full collection of help articles & FAQ's that can be viewed in a separate browser window at any time while you're setting up your Rhythmic Rebellion account - click here!