Album Creation & Edits

Video Transcription

1. To add an album to your uploaded assets, click on Albums from inside your Asset Manager. Here you'll see your uploaded albums in the gallery, and you can sort by name or date. 

2. To create a new album, click the Add Album button at the top. 

3. Insert your album name and album description. 

4. Attach an album front image from your already uploaded assets or add a new image by clicking the Upload button. Attach an album back image using the same method. 

5. You have many helpful release options at your fingertips like allowing free downloads for followers, adding an album price, and the ability to change settings for a current or future album release date. Any Song Recording Title (SRT) you want to place on the album must have a release date that is on or before the album release date. If you have a UPC code, you can enter it here. 

6. Attach your recordings for your album from your already created SRT's. If you don’t see a song in the list, make sure you’ve clicked the Complete button at the top right of the SRT form. Also check to see if you’ve marked the SRT as not free to download for followers and marked the album as Yes as this creates a conflict. Changing the SRT to Yes will solve this problem. 

7. Remember to Save your work as you go and click Complete when all the information for your new album is finished. Your new album is now ready! 

8. Make sure to click the "Release" button on the album card when you are ready for fans to find your album. When done the status will be "Released" as seen in this image.