Add a Playlist Feature

Video Transcription

1. To add a Playlist to your website, select the Features panel, and drag the Playlist feature to your page.

2. Select the Playlist you want to display from the list of your Playlists in the Settings Panel. If you haven’t added any Playlists yet, you can do so from the Asset Manager.

3. Once you’ve selected your Playlist, resize the Playlist Box using the handles around the Playlist Feature.

4. Open the Header menu. You can change the font and color of the Header Text, adjust its positioning, and adjust the background color using the pre-selected color palette.  Backgrounds can be either a solid color, or a linear gradient - or you can remove the Header altogether.

5. You can also style each Playlist Item. The options are the same as the Header, and work the same way.

6. Add borders to any or all of the sides of the Playlist Feature. Adjust the size of the border with this slider, and select a color for the Border using the preselected color palette or the custom color picker. You can also adjust the border hover color so that the border changes color when a fan hovers over your Playlist Feature with their mouse.

7. Finally, you can add a box shadow. Adjust the position of the shadow, the amount of blur, the color, and the opacity.