Songlist Feature

The Songlist Feature is used on a Songwriter's site. It represents the list of the Song Compositions that the Songwriter selected to be listed in the feature. 

The Song Composition Titles listed in the feature cannot be played; there is only information provided about each SCT. This restriction reflects the need to create the Song Recording Title by the Artist which is then connected the specified Song Composition Title before the song can be played (streamed) in the Rhythmic Rebellion Player.

To add the Songlist Feature to your website, select the Features panel, and drag the Songlist Feature to your page.

Feature Settings

1. Set the name of the Songlist Feature. This is the heading of the song list that in most of the cases reflects the genre / emotions / time / vibe of the songs listed above this name.
2. Select the Song Composition Titles that will be shown in the Songlist Feature.
 3. You can adjust the style of the feature title by clicking the Header tab. Adjust the font and position, select a color using the preselected color palette or select a custom color by adding it to the available colors panel. You can also adjust the opacity and the background color (and its opacity) using the same options as the Header

4. Almost all of the same customization options for the Header are available for Items (song composition name, song details, song notes, lyrics) including font, font color, and background color. 
5. Links settings affect the view of the opened links for the song composition name, song details, song notes, and lyrics. The Links settings are also used for affecting the displayed view of links to Artist sites and the authors of song recording titles, based on each song composition in the Songlist. See the image.
6. Add borders to one or all of the edges of the feature. Adjust the size of the border with the slider and select a color for the border using the preselected color palette or select a custom color by adding it to the available colors panel. You can also add a hover color that will change when a fan hovers over this feature with their mouse.
7. Add a box shadow to your feature and adjust the position of the shadow, the blur, color, and opacity. 
You can also find more info about using this feature in our Border and Shadow Settings help article!