Why Do I Need a Songwriter Account?

We want everyone involved with a song creation to be paid fairly for their work!

The answer is simply that Rhythmic Rebellion was built not just to help up-and-coming music creators but also major label music creators as well. To accomplish this we had to follow the music business laws and common rules. We are NOT just another website builder!

The law says that artists/singers/bands get paid for certain things based on the song recordings they make and songwriters get paid for their song composition by certain things including plays on FM radio amongst other revenue that songs make. Because of how the laws are written, the only way music creators are paid correctly is to have separate songwriter accounts and artist accounts.

Songwriters are required to define all the songwriters for a song composition and their shares. In the future we hope to pay songwriters a higher streaming royalty than they get from streamers today. We also have ideas in the works based on the Rhythmic Rebellion platform, for songwriters to get paid in ways that don't even exist today... stay tuned!

Our goals include:

  • Helping music creators make more money than they make today.
  • Finding ways to replace the income lost due to on-demand streaming-killing album sales.
  • Build a platform where we can not only pay music creators for digital sales and streaming royalties but create a chain of copyright ownership so we can pay songwriters and all the copyright owners directly without having to pay an outside collection agency that takes a cut of the money. (These payments will come in the future after we build up our music creator and fan base.)
  • Develop new & creative ways to sell digital entertainment to fans. When it directly relates to a song, we want to make sure the songwriters get their agreed upon share.

Once you've created your Songwriter Account and one Composition, it becomes very easy to upload more! Then, create your Artist Account and transfer all of the Songs you made from your Songwriter Account to the desired Artist Account. There is no duplicated work - the information you create when you define your Song Composition is done just once. When you create your SRT (Song Recording Title) inside your ARTIST Account, you'll connect back to your SONGWRITER Song Composition. The form has a button that allows you to PULL over all the metadata you already defined in the Song Composition.

Read more about the role of songwriters here: Songwriters Defined