Add Co-Writers to a Song Composition

One of the ways we are different from all other platforms is that we want to know who all the copyright owners are on a song.

We ask that you add any co-writers to your song compositions and define the shares for each writer. Our system then creates an ID for them and they are sent 2 emails: 

  1. The first email tells them that you added them as a co-writer and encourages them to sign up by clicking a button that takes them to Rhythmic Rebellion where they can complete their sign up.
  2. The second email is sent after you define the shares, and they are then notified about the share splits.  This email also has a button that takes them inside their songwriter account where they will see the song you created, the share percentage you defined for them and they can then approve it.

What if they don't join?

No worries! You are allowed to use a song composition you co-write even without the other co-writers approval. For now, you are required to make sure they are paid any money that are owed even if they do sign up. In the future, our software will pay songwriters directly for the sale of songs and other song related digital content. If they don't have an active account, they will receive a notice via email that the amount of money owed them has been noted in a transaction account that they can view by completing their sign up. They can then sign up, connect their payment account, and get paid on the next pay day!