What are Playlists Good For?

Note: Playlists do not show up when fans perform an album search. 
So what are Playlists good for?
1.  They are used to create the autoloading playlist for a new fan that visits your website (see end of this article).
2.  They can include songs from different albums put together.
3.  You can create a Playlist of songs you want to show off and place it near the top of your website for best visibility!

Playlists won't show up in an album search - but - the songs on the playlist do show up in song searches as long as the song was approved as Radio Ready.

Video Transcription

1. To create a Playlist as an asset, click Playlists from inside your Asset Manager. Here you see a list of previously created Playlists and you can sort them by name or date. 

2. To create a new Playlist, click the Add Playlist button at the top. 

3. Add a playlist name and attach a playlist cover image from your already uploaded Assets. Or, a select a new image by clicking the Upload button.

4. Attach your recordings to your new playlist from your already created Song Recording Titles

5. Last, selected whether or not you want this playlist to be set as the default for autoloading in your music player on your websites. Once your playlist is completed, click SAVE. Your new Playlist is now ready for placement on a web page or to autoload into your site when fans visit! 

The image below shows the selection at the bottom of the Playlist Creator inside the Artist Assets. Click YES to make this playlist load the selected songs when a fan that is not registered visits your website. This playlist does not need to be on your website or used anywhere else (unless you want to). This Playlist option makes these songs autoload into the fans' Music Player when they visit your site as a guest.