Sharing Assets Between Songwriter & Artist Account

Sharing Audio & Image Files Between Your Songwriter & Artist Account

You can share assets between your Songwriter and Artist Accounts when creating your Artist Account. You can also share assets between accounts after their creation in the account options.

Share Assets When You Are Creating Your Artist Account

If you have already created your Songwriter Account and have added images and audio files, you can use those files in your Artist (or other) Account. There's no need to upload the same files twice!

Simply activate the Share assets with another account checkbox and select the desired account from the list to share assets between multiple accounts.

After you create an account, you will find all the previously loaded images and audio files in related Photo and Audio assets.

Keep in mind that the sharing assets action is irreversible, so make sure you truly want to share the assets from one account to the another.

Share Assets After Second Account Has Already Been Created

If you missed the "Share Assets" checkbox on account creation, open your Account Options, click Share Assets, and select the account to share with from the list.

Don't Have This Account Option? 

Check the following list of required conditions:
  • It is possible to share assets only between a Songwriter and Artist Account.
  • Each account can be used only once for assets sharing.
  • To share assets, you need to have the Controller Permission of each account.