Tips on Promotion/Marketing Using the Software

Tips on Using the Rhythmic Rebellion Software to Promote You & Your Music

Here are some tips for music creators to better use the Rhythmic Rebellion platform.

Image Used When Sharing Your URL

Make sure you have a profile image loaded in your Artist Account Profile! Any time you share a link on social media, this is where our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pulls your image from.

Fan Sign Up Program

As you promote yourself and your new website on social media, remind your fans to click your FOLLOW button, sign up with Rhythmic Rebellion, and we will make a donation to your next music project. The donation is $2 for every fan you sign up. We would much rather pay you to sign up fans than pay for Facebook ads! Keep in mind that clicking your FOLLOW button is just one way to prompt fans to sign up.  A few other examples are if a fan buys something, uses a gift code, or comments on a songs. If they sign up while on your website you earn the $2 regardless of what caused them to sign up.

Sharing on Social Media

You or your fans can click the 3 dots next to your song name, click Share and share directly to your Facebook or Twitter account. Or, click the copy icon to copy the URL to your clipboard. For every song you publish on the platform, we create a special page with its own URL like this:
Go to that page to see an example!

Emailing System

You can use our mailing system to email your fans. When fans use the Mailing List Feature and give you their email, or they join RR and agree to share their email with you, their contact info shows up in this list. You can create templates and campaigns to email your fans. Check out more about Mailing List Feature here: Mailing System How-To.

Gift Codes

Gift Codes are a great way to get your fans to engage and encourage them to visit your website. Who doesn't love a discount - or even free stuff?! Use gift codes to entice your fans with your latest music, merch, or digital content.
Check out How to Generate and Use Gift Codes.

Embedded Player

Give this custom embed code for bloggers. You can place this code in the HTML of your website and a music player with your song or album will show up in that space. This player can be placed on any website as long as the website owner can insert the code in the HTML. Learn More about the Embedded Music Player.

Release Your Music On Your Website First

Rhythmic Rebellion provides you with the best music release system on the planet! Release your music on your website first, send your fans there, and sell them access to your new songs including features like the Fan Song Mixer (MxRR), scrolling lyric Karaoke, and never-before-seen content inside your Artist Penthouse

You can place your songs on your website ahead of time while defining a future release date. On the date and time you specify, all your songs will automatically become available. Give yourself a few weeks to sell your fans entertainment before you release it for on-demand streaming on the rest of the music streaming sites.

Sell Your Music

Our system gives you the ability to offer full song previews to your fans. Mark the box " Allow On-Demand Streaming" to NO and you can choose the preview you want your fans to see. Offer a registered fan from 1 to 10 full song previews. Once they've heard the song the allotted number of times, it changes to a 45 second preview which is also what non-registered fans get. 

Once you're done trying to sell your song, you can change "Allow On-Demand Streaming" to YES and allow all your fans to hear that song. You can continue to restrict access to your MxRR, Karaoke, and Artist Penthouse if you want - this means you're offering these features for a small fee for purchase, which is an extra source of income for you! As always, you retain control over your music and what your fans have access to.

Fan Song Mixer (MxRR)

The Fan Song Mixer (MxRR) is one of our favorite features. Fans love to tinker with the mix and solo tracks to hear individual instruments better. Soloing the lead vocal provides a listening experience that's unique, where they can hear every breath the artist takes. Make your MxRR's free to play with, or decide on a price that your fans will pay to access it. Learn how to Create a Fan Song Mixer (MxRR).


Provide your fans with karaoke! We created a Karaoke Lyric Builder where you can line up your lyrics for your fan to sing. Connect your backing track with no vocal and your fan can switch back and forth between hearing you sing and trying to sing it themselves! Read more about our Karaoke Creator.

Artist Penthouse

The Artist Penthouse consists of private pages that you create and design on your website. It the ultimate place where you can sell your fans access to exclusive content like unpublished videos, images, or music. You can put whatever you want on these pages which will automatically appear in the website builder once you create one on the backend, and for your fans once they click and pay for the content. Learn how to Create Your Artist Penthouse.

Merch Store

Selling t-shirts and other merch is a great way to promote yourself. Our software provides you with your own store where you can list products for sale. Add a Store Page right on your website! You can also place individual items anywhere on your website to help advertise what you have for sale. See our Merch Store Overview and learn how to
Place a Store Feature on your Page!

Comments on Songs

Encouraging fans to comment on songs is another great way to get them to engage. You can even do a contest where you encourage your fans to comment and one fan gets chosen for free content, a t-shirt, or even a song played just for them and shared on social media. Run a "comments contest" where you advertise that you'll pick one of your fans from the comments to record an introduction to one of your songs!

Audio Add On's

Use Audio Add On's to give fans an intro to the song, to give commentary on the song, to make show & music announcements, or to add a bio for fans to hear before you song plays.

Plus, you can incorporate your fans into the Audio Add On's as well. Fans already think that hearing the artists introduce their own songs is cool. But, they'll think it's even cooler when you allow them to introduce your song! Create a contest where you ask fans to do something to qualify to be chosen to introduce one of your songs. Then, the winning fan records a 10 second song intro on their phone and emails it to you. The fan then tells all their friends to listen to it on your website and it helps builds your fan base! Give your fan an idea of what to say, like, "Hey this is Kelly from Houston, Texas and my favorite Stink Bug song is Smelly Me!" Check out Tips and Tricks for Intros and Commentary for more ideas.