Store Feature

Using the Store Feature

You can find the Store button on the top right hand toolbar when you are in your Artist Account. From there, you can create all types of different merchandise to market and sell on your website.

Our software automatically creates a Store Page within the Website Builder once you begin adding merchandise. It adds the Store Page to your Public Pages list. It also adds a link to your website menu which you can then customize so your online store is as unique as your music! 

Use the Store Feature in the Site Builder to add products to any website page.

You can use the Store Feature to build a Store page on your website. With a lot of items you can choose to simply list them all together, or list certain items on different pages of your website.

The Store Feature allows you to do this. Plus, if you release a new album and want to promote it, you can create a bundle that includes your album, karaoke tracks, our Fan Song Mixer (MxRR), Artist Premiere (access to private content), and a t-shirt. Or create any unique bundle of items you know your fans will love. You can place your Store Feature on your Home Page, right at the top, and attach the bundle you created. 

You can place a Store Feature anywhere on any page to promote whatever you want to sell!

Add Products

The Store Feature is within the Merch Store section on the upper toolbar. Click Products on the left hand side of the page to create new products or view existing ones to make edits.

In the first image below you will see a product that has been made and is ready to sell. The second image shows how the Store Page is added automatically in your Public Pages list with your first product or bundle created.

Add A Store Feature

1. The Store Feature can be found in your Site Builder under the Features tab. You can drag this feature onto any page you want and add any product you have made to that page.

2. To add it to your website, select the Features panel, and drag the Store Feature to your page. 

3. In the settings, you can select all products to be displayed or select the necessary products.

4. You can adjust the style of the feature by changing the font and background color. Select a color using the preselected color palette or select a custom color by adding it to the available colors panel. You can also adjust the opacity and play with the button settings (font color, background color, hover font color, hover color), border and shadow.

5. Select whether you want to display Store Policies or not, and adjust their view if needed with font, font color, and background settings.

Find more info about our Store Page and Store Policies.