kRRk: Karaoke & Scrolling Lyrics Creator

kRRk: Create Scrolling Lyrics For Your Fans Using A Backing Track

As in the image below, you will see "kRRk" in the album feature and other places when karaoke is available. This means that scrolling lyrics have been created and the instrumental track is attached. You have the option to sell the kRRk(karaoke) option separately or include it with the song purchase.

The image below is what your fans see when listening to your song. Fans click on Lyrics in the Music Player to see the options for each song. If you attach a backing track of your song with no vocal, then your fans will also have the option to sing along to your instrumental track!

If you have scrolling lyrics created, they will see the Video: Lyric / Karaoke option where they can enjoy singing along with you while reading your scrolling lyrics!

kRRk: Add Karaoke Lyrics

1. To start creating, open your Artist Account, click on Asset Manager, and scroll down on the left menu and click the Karaoke icon.

2. Then click Add New Karaoke Lyrics and select the Song for your karaoke version. Your lyrics will automatically pop up if you've added them with your song compositions!

3. Select an image for your Karaoke versionWe highly recommend attaching a photo of at least 600 x 600 pixels for the image dimensions. You can use images that you've already uploaded (under My images), upload an image from your computer or use images from the RR library, under General images. 

4. If you have a backing track without vocals in it, attach it here. This backing track is used to set up a karaoke experience for your fans and followers! We require uploading WAV files here, which will be optimal for streaming the Karaoke Version of the song.

5. Define the listening and downloading settings of the backing track. You can provide free access to the backing track along with the song purchase or set the price for the backing track - this way, your fans can purchase your backing track separately from the song. They can choose to download your karaoke backing track as a WAV or Mp3 - more added value for your fans!

6. Drag and drop each line of your lyrics onto the timeline and adjust them to start and end at the correct time, by dragging the left and right sides of the lyric block. Click the Play button on the viewer to see/hear the result. It's a good idea to set the lyrics so they pop up slightly before the line is sung, so people have time to catch them as they go!

7. You can create additional text in the song using the box to the left that says Lyric (to the left of Karaoke Preview). Add words like "Intro", "Instrumental" or add the songwriter's name at the end of the song. To do so, click on the bold blue line that runs underneath the lyrics in the Lyric Clip Timeline and a light pink blank box will pop up. Click on the Lyric section which will highlight it dark pink and type custom lyrics in, which will appear in the pink box below. 

8. Click on the timeline as shown below to move throughout the song. Be sure to play the whole song back to check your lyric timings!

9. Be sure to click SAVE when you are finished. Keep in mind that it makes a better experience for your fans if you have Karaoke videos for all of your songs!