Tips & Tricks: Audio Add-Ons - Get Creative When You Introduce Your Own Song

Hey rockstars! Did you know that our software allows you to introduce your own song? 

Check out the 4 awesome ways the Audio Add-Ons Menu Features help you amp up your website and make your music resonate with your listeners.

There are over 40,000 songs being uploaded to music streaming platforms every day... and most of them are good songs. 

  • So how do you separate yourself from the pack? 
  • How does a fan make a special connection with you and your music? 

Hearing how you sound when you talk intrigues your fans. They hear your accent and wonder where you’re from and they want to learn more...all of that just from hearing your song introduction. Then they hear your song commentary and they really start to make a connection, they feel like they know you - and they add your songs to their playlist.

1. Song Intros

By using the 15-second audio Song Intro Add-On, the fans can hear you introduce your songs. Short and sweet, or crazy and fun - these can be done in any way you want and are a great way to get your audience to connect with you. Make sure you say your Artist or Band name and the song title - and you might have time for one more quick note about the song. Remember, these are just short 15 second maximum intros.

Keep in mind that you can let your friends, family and fans introduce your songs. Imagine your fan saying "Hey this is Janice and I'm the biggest fan of the band Stinkbug and my favorite song is “Smelly Me", up next!" Then your fan tells all her friends to go to your website to hear her introduce your song. It's a great way to build your fanbase!

You can change these Mp3 / WAV audio intro files out as often as you want. Make sure you maximize your volume just like you would on your music tracks. You don't want your intro to be a lot softer than your music but you also don’t want to send a screaming voice memo into your fans ears! 

Check out a couple good examples. Our artist Luci also has some great intros - check out her audio intro for “Wild Wild Feelin”. If you’re less serious and all about a good laugh, your intro’s can also be comical, like “ Farm Fresh Butter” from the band Lunch Meats. 

2. Song Commentary

Song Commentary is another item that's really cool - and can be up to 4 minutes long! It plays based on an algorithm so the fan will not hear it on the first song or two -  but then it kicks in. And when they hear the commentary once, it won’t play again for 3 days. If your fan has heard all your commentary enough, they do have the option in their settings to enter a date, like today's date, so that they will only hear new commentary you create. 

You can talk about the method behind your music creation, highlight musicians you used in the recording, or give an analysis of your lyrics - whatever you think your fans should know about that particular song to give better insight into you as an Artist. When commentary plays, the intros don’t play, so make sure to say your name and the song name at some point. Our artist Grady Frazier did a great job on his commentary. You can look up Grady and play his songs to hear more!

3. Artist Biography

Get creative with your Artist audio Biography! Get your family and friends involved - they know more about you than you think... How fun would it be to have a little audio mashup of your family, friends (even fans!) talking about who you are, where you grew up, what makes your songs or lyrics unique, and maybe even similar artists they think of when they hear your music. Maybe your secret side job is voice acting - record your own bio in an assortment of fun voices. Maybe you just have an awesome local accent from where you grew up - Artist Audio Bios can be up to 4 minutes long, so let your bio showcase you in any way that you choose!

4. Artist Announcements

Audio Announcements can be up to 15 seconds long and are a great way to keep fans up to date with things that are coming up: like tour dates, ticket sales for an upcoming event, new music releases, your Artist Premiere, merchandise that’s available for sale, or anything else you think fans would be interested in hearing about. It’s an easy way to audibly advertise cool stuff you have going on - just remember to set the dates and be sure to update them!

You’re already creative in the way you make music - so why not get creative in the ways you market yourself? 
The more content and personalization you have, the more interaction you have to offer your fans - and your fans can choose to leave your audio commentary on or turn it off, so don’t be shy in adding ALL of these features! 
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Rebels!

For more info on how to create & add your Song Intros, Commentary, Bio and Announcements click here!