Embedded Music Player

Place an Embedded Music Player in Blogs, Websites and More!

Note: For security reasons, most social media sites will block the use of embedded codes.

Share the code below with a blogger, a radio station, or anyone that has a web presence. They embed the code in their HTML and it will reveal your customized music player! Here's a sample:

How to Embed a Music Player

1. Open your Artist Account. Choose to share a single Song or a previously created Album. Click on Embed to customize your embedded music player!

Embed feature on a single Song:

Embed feature on an Album:

2. Select HTML or WordPress encoding. Then choose your preferred layout, size and color theme. Your Song will be placed in a square box in the width you set it to. The size range is from 300 to 900 pixels. Your Album will be placed in a rectangular box with the width of your choice. The width range is from 300 to 900 pixels.

3. Adjust your settings and click "Copy" to then paste the iframe code into your blog, another website, or send to someone else to embed and promote it!

Dark Color Theme:

Light Color Theme:

Your iframe code will look similar to this one: 

<iframe src="https://reblradio.com/?id=355&theme=white&type=album" width="600" height="680"></iframe>