Fan Song Mixer (MxRR)

Fan Song Mixer (branded as MxRR) allows fans to make their own mix of an artist's song. 

The Artist uploads up to 10 tracks (stems) of drums, bass, keys, guitars, vocals, etc. and the fan has the ability to mute tracks, solo tracks, change volumes, and other fun stuff!  

The artist can give it away for free to build a fan base or charge fans to access it (and even use Gift Codes for discounts!). We believe this is a tool that can help artist replace lost album sales. Finally - a digital toy that your fans can't resist - it's just too much FUN!

Create A Fan Song Mixer

1. To create a Song Mixer you need to have at least one completed or released song recording. Start typing a song name or select from the list provided.

2. Set the Song Mixer price (or make it free!). You can also choose to give your fans the option to download audio files attached to your mixer when they purchased it or got it for free.

3. Add an image for your song mixer. You can use the same image as for the SRT or select one of the system general images uploaded exclusively for mixers.

4. Click the Create Mixer button to generate 10 default tracks. IMPORTANT! Do NOT click this button until you are completely sure that you have selected the right song for the mixer. You will not be allowed to change the song recording title after clicking the Create Mixer button. 

5. Each channel will contain a stem from the original recording. These tracks (stems) can be drums, bass, guitar, vocals etc. By default, all channels are empty and the system introduces a list of default names for each track / stem that can be easily renamed:

  1. Drums
  2. Bass
  3. Rhythm Guitar
  4. Lead Guitar
  5. Piano
  6. Keyboards
  7. Backup Vocals
  8. Lead Vocals
  9. Other 1
  10. Other 2

6. Click Select Audio to add the audio file. Click Change Audio to replace the selected file. Hover a mouse cursor on the track name and rename it. IMPORTANT! You must use a WAV file not longer than 5 minutes. We will automatically transcode it to 96 kbps AAC file. Fans will hear this audio when playing with MxRR Song Studio. We prefer to use AAC because they stream faster and cause less buffering if they have a poor connection. 

7. The S button solos the channel and mutes all other channels. The M button mutes each specific channel.

8. Move the grey slider to the Left (L) or Right (R) to change the stereo side it is heard in.

9. If you need less than 10 channels for your mixer, click the Trash icon on the left of the channel and it will be removed. Use the  icon to easily drag your tracks to reorder them!

10. Each channel has its own real time volume adjustment (light pink / bold pink line) that adjusts the volume of the channel as it plays. You can adjust the volume by clicking the volume line on the timeline. It is a light pink line when not active. Click on the line to add a point and move the points up or down to increase or decrease the volume, similarly to using automation in recording software.

Here's a full view of our MxRR. Fans that are not signed in to Rhythmic Rebellion will be able to view the MxRR, but not play with it.

11. Upon creation of your first MxRR if you've already set the release date and made it active the MxRR page is automatically added to your artist website. You still need to publish your website to make the MxRR page visible on the site. So if your artist site is published all your MxRRs will be available there along with the Fansite

The main mixers page represents the list of all available MxRRs and the editable header. The "gear icon" will help you to configure the header of this page by managing templates, background, title & action, and menu options. 

Clicking on any of the MxRRs items from the list will lead you to the Mixer Studio page: