Merch Store Overview

Selling merchandise is a complex task. You need to handle shipping info, shipping cost, return policies and more. 

No worries - we've got you covered!

We Create A Merch Store For You! 

When you create your first product and make it active, our system auto-creates a Store Page for you and adds the Store to your menu.

You can also use our Store Feature to place an item or bundle on any page you want. If you have a new album and you want to bundle that with Karaoke tracks, Fan Song Mixer (MxRR), Artist Penthouse (access to private content), and a t-shirt, you can place a Store Feature on your Home Page right at the top. This will help increase visibility and sales.

Our thanks to Luci Lampe for letting us use her site as an example. You may look at your Store Feature and say, "Mine doesn't look like that. How did she do that?!"

In the image below you can see that Luci added a Block Feature and placed 6 different Text Features inside that block. Then she added the Store Feature to the right of that - BUT she kept the Store Feature outside of the Block a little. This keeps it from becoming a 'child' of the Block which allows the Store Feature to move below the Block / Text on the mobile view. She gave the Block Feature a white color with a 67% opacity.

How To Get Started!

Inside your Artist Account, click the Merch Store tab at the top.
Click through the menu items down the left side to see all the options.


This is where you can view your sales. On this page, every order ever made from the website is listed in detail. Here's an example of Products sales:


This is where you'll manage the orders made on your website: view your orders, change their statuses, send messages to the customer on order status update, and review the history. For more details read the Tracking Orders In The Merch Store Article. See an example of Order details:


Shipping information on this page allows you to define what the shipping costs will be at the customer's checkout. We have created default shipping settings you can adjust according to your needs. Check the details of shipping settings management in the Shipping Preferences Article.


Define your policies like a Return & Refund PolicyShipping Policy and Digital Items Policy. Using these clearly explains to customers what they can expect from your business. We've also created policy templates you can use! The screenshot below is the result of using a Return & Refund Policy template. A customer can access this page from the footer of any store products or bundles page. Find more details in our Store Policies Article.


This is where you create your items for sale. 

Every product you create here contains the following info: product name, description, image, price, shipping, pre-order settings, attributes and quantity. Please note, the more info you add about a specific product, the more informed the customer will be about that particular product when purchasing it from your store. Read the detailed article about Products Creation and Managing. In the example below, you can see the list of products we created in our Merch Store.

You can also find all of the items that you already created in the Asset Manager: Songs, Albums, MxRRs, Artist Penthouses, and Karaoke

All of the items added from the Asset Manager are not visible on your store page by default, so if you want them to show up in your store, you need to turn on the toggle "Show in store" on the specific items or for all items on the page. 


This is where you can take the products you created and bundle many of them together. Our bundles allow binding both physical and digital goods created in the system. Thus, your bundle can include a digital album, Karaoke access and tracks, the Fan Song Mixer (MxRR), access to Artist Penthouse (private web pages), and physical products like t-shirts, CDs, vinyl, and other merch products. Below is an example of selected items that could be added to a bundle. Read our article devoted to Bundles Creation to find more details.

Store Examples

This is what your your finished Store page could look like:

When a fan clicks the Open Details button, they are directed to the product or bundle default page that is created based on your product information.

In the image below, you'll see the Store Feature listed along with the other drag & drop features available to use on your website. This feature was created so that you can place one item or a bundle anywhere on your website. If you have a new album or bundle you are promoting, place this Store Feature at the top of your Home Page so that you know it will be the first thing your fans see. Next, you can place a Store Feature for a t-shirt you're selling. A little further down your page, you can place a cap or a coffee mug that's available for purchase. Remember to think like a professional. You are in the business of selling yourself, your music, and your digital and physical merch to your fans. You are no different than any other retail store on the planet. If you want to make a living at music, then give your fans many opportunities to support you by offering them items they will want!

Be sure to Publish your site to make your updated changes visible and share this news with your fans!