Audio Add-Ons: Intros, Commentary & More!

The following features can be added in your Audio Add-Ons Menu:

Audio Song Introduction

Fans hear you introduce your song

  • When your song plays and a song introduction was added to that track, fans will hear up to a 15 second recorded introduction by you that tells them about the song they're about to hear. This is a great way to engage with fans and tell them more about the music you love making!

Audio Song Commentary 

Fans hear you talk about the song, your inspiration, and what it means to you

  • With a song commentary that can be up to 4 minutes, you can get into the interesting details of how a song came about. Tell fans about how you wrote it, any inspiration that the song had, alternate meaning you had for the song, or why the song is meaningful to you. Telling fans about individual songs is a great way to show them who you are as an artist and helps your musical messages resonate with them!
    Commentary example by our artist Grady Frazer: Just-Be-Honest-CommentV1.mp3

Audio Artist Bio 

Fans hear you talk about yourself, your band, or anything you think they might find interesting or funny

  • With this type of artist bio introduction, you can tell fans about yourself or the band you're in. You can even talk about how the group came together, the writing process, and what being an artist is like. This is a great way to show your true colors as an artist and tell fans things about yourself or the band that they might otherwise never find out!

Audio Music Player Announcement 

Tell your fans about new music, live events, and other info you think they will appreciate hearing

  • Music player announcements as an introduction are a great way to keep fans up to date with everything you're doing or to let them know about things coming up. Tell fans about tour dates, new music set to come out, or anything else you think they will be interested in hearing about. Make sure to remember to update your artist announcements introductions regularly with new information and take out old announcements that are no longer relevant.

Audio Artist Site Announcement 

Tell your fans something special and thrilling, because this is the first thing they will hear when land on your site

  • Artist Site Announcements are different from the Music Player Announcement. It allows you to engage your fans even if you're not ready to release your music yet.

Record Your Audio Add-Ons

1. If you have access to recording studio equipment (or your own studio setup) be sure to use it! High quality recordings always sound best.

2. If you don't have access to studio equipment, you can record using your smartphone. Use headphones with a microphone (ie: Apple earbuds) and be sure to record in a quiet space. 

3. Make sure you maximize your volume just like you would on your music tracks. You don't want your intro to be a lot softer than your music but you also don’t want to send a screaming voice memo into your fans ears! Be sure to trim dead space at the beginning and ends, and properly fade your audio tracks to avoid any clicks or pops when you bounce / export them.

4. You can change these Mp3/WAV/AAC audio intro files out as often as you want. Choose to record multiple versions all at once to be able to easily change these out and keep your fans excited and coming back for more!

Set Up Your Audio Add-Ons

1. On the left hand side of the screen within your Artist Account, click the Add-Ons menu. From there, you will be able to add an audio file for a Song Introduction, Song Commentary, Artist Bio, Music Player Announcement and Artist Site Announcement. Once you create each audio add-on, you'll be able to select which song you want the audio add-on to play before.

2. Below is a screenshot of the Audio Add-On for a Song Introduction. Click on Add Introduction to create a new one.

3. Once you click on Add Introduction or Add Commentary (in the song commentary screen), you'll be able to select what song you want the introduction or commentary to play before. Then as you scroll down, you'll select the audio file of the introduction or commentary you recorded for a specific song.

4. Audio Add-On Specifications:

  • A song introduction and music player announcement can only be up to 15 seconds of audio.
  • Artist site announcements can be longer, with up to 60 seconds of audio.
  • For both song commentary and artist bios, you'll be able to upload up to 4 minutes of audio for your fans to hear.

5. The screenshots below show where you can first select the song you want your intro to play in front of, and then the introduction itself. As you can see, some files are currently grey because they are too long for that type of Audio Add-On.

6. For an Artist Bio, the only required field is the audio file. You can see that some of the tracks in the screenshot are grey because they are too long, while others fit the 4 minute duration restriction. 

7. Here are two screenshots of the Music Player Announcements showing where you can upload a file for an announcement. Then you need to decide the time duration of how long the announcement will play by setting start and end dates.

Finally, for an Artist Site Announcement, you need to create the name that will be shown in the music player instead of song name. Also, decide on the dates when this file will be heard by fans.

9. Note: When an Audio Add-On plays is dependent on a computer algorithm. If a fan is playing your album over and over again, they may not want to hear the song intro over and over again. Our software tracks your fans' listening experience and if they play the song with commentary, they will not hear the introduction. Commentary and Artist Bio are heard every 3 days. Fans also have profile settings where they can choose not to hear the Commentary and Bio that is older than a certain date; allowing them to not hear what they have already heard but not miss out on any new Commentary or Bios. The Music Player Announcement is played once per artist every 24 hours for the fan.

9. If you're testing out your site and want to hear your Audio Add-On again, open an "incognito" browser tab and the software will treat you like a guest. For Chrome, this is done by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner of by your browser and selecting New Incognito Window. To be treated as a new guest, don't log in.

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