Singer / Songwriter / Band Checklist

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Singer Songwriter / Band Checklist

Things You Need To Know:

1. If you need to re-open this article, click the Question Mark at the bottom right of the RR page of your account. It's the first help article listed! We recommend bookmarking our Knowledge Base and keeping it open in a separate browser tab as you work for more info about our platform, how-to instructions, and our most frequently asked questions.

2. If you write or create your own songs or "beats" (a fully produced instrumental beat), then you are a songwriter and an artist - which can also be a singer or a band. Most of our music creators are singer / songwriters. If you are an EDM Producer creating your own music from scratch - then you are also a songwriter.

3. Our platform was designed to always know who all the copyright owners are. Copyrights start with songwriters, so in order for any music to be created on our system and offered for listening or purchase by fans, the Songwriter must first create the song as a Song Composition. Then, the Artist can create the song as a Song Recording Title (SRT) where it is offered to fans through the website.

4. Tech Specs To Know Before You Start: 

  • You can not use a phone for the music creator software - you will need a laptop or desktop computer.
  • We only support Safari and Chrome. 
  • On the fan site,, we support everything and we now have iOS and Android apps. To see your Fan Account info, click on the icon in the top left corner of the Fan Site!

5. Click the blue outlined Question Mark icon next to titles to find useful and informative help docs about specific features. 

6. Click the main Question Mark at the bottom right of your screen to find answers or request specific help from our support team. 

7. Read our Getting Started article and watch the video.


If you have not already signed up, click here. This signs you up as both a creator and a fan. Complete this checklist for a successful setup!

1. CREATE A SONGWRITER ACCOUNT firstWhy you need a Songwriter Account.

2. Click Create New Account found on the top left of your Master Account. Select Songwriter and enter your songwriter name.

3. Read the instructions carefully, as this is most likely different from your Artist name.

4. If this is your first created account, you will not see the "Share Assets.." option.

5. In the left menu in your Songwriter Account, click Photos and upload pictures, logos, album covers and anything else you think you might use as promotional materials. Then click Audio and upload audio files. Your Songwriter Song Compositions (SCT's) will accept Mp3 or WAV files. However, inside your Artist Account, you will be required to attach WAV files to your Song Recording Titles (SRT's). So, if you have WAV files for your songs, use those in your Songwriter Account too and speed up the process! Click here to learn why song upload formats vary between your Songwriter and Artist Accounts.

6. Create your Song Composition Titles (SCT's) in your Songwriter Account. (Watch the video, it will help you!)

7. Make sure you have green check marks in the left menu on all items.

8. Make sure to click the blue Release button at the top right!

9. Create your Songwriter website! Click Songwriter Site Builder at the top of the page. Note that you can come back to this step later!

NOTE: This is your songwriter website, NOT your artist website. You CANNOT sell songs here. Fans will have access to this website to learn about you as a songwriter. You can place pictures, videos and a bio here. Later, after you create your Songs in your Artist Account, you can come back here and use the Song List Feature to connect to your Artist songs and place them on your Songwriter website. You will also create an Artist website inside your Artist Account, coming up in the next steps for Artist Account creation!



2. From your Songwriter Account, click Master Account in the top left.

    1. Inside your Master Account, click Add New.
    2. Select Artist and enter your artist name.
    3. Make sure to check the box to Share Assets from your Songwriter account with your Artist Account. This will allow audio files and pictures to be shared between both accounts. Forgot to check the box? Click here to Share Assets.

3. Read all the info on the Welcome Page.

4. On the left menu you'll see Photos and Audio. Upload additional pictures and more audio files here if needed. Keep in mind that you may want to upload backing tracks (instrumental versions) of your songs, as well as song stems to be used later.

5. Create your Song Recording Titles (SRT's) in your Artist Account. Click on Songs and Add Song Recording Title. (This is a mandatory step and you will not see your songs unless you do this!) Note: Do not skip the Song Composition Title Connection step. 

6. Read this article on SRT Form Completion and pay close attention to the Release and Streaming Options.

7. Make sure you click the blue Complete button at the top right corner. Note: Failure to click the Complete button means your songs will not be available in Albums or Playlists!

8. Create Albums. Make sure you click the Complete button!

9. Create Playlists. Select YES at the bottom to make these songs load in the Music Player when a fan visits your website for the first time. Read this article to learn the best uses for Playlists.

10. Add a Profile Image. This image shows up on social media when your website link is shared. 

a. Next to your Artist name in the top right corner of the page, click the down arrow and select Open Account Profile.

b. Click on Upload Image and select your photo.

c. While in your profile, fill out the rest of the required info. In the future, we'll allow fans to find artists in their local area to hire for events. Artists can use this info to find each other and network. Also, if you have had previous success as a music creator, we want to know about it!

11. Set up your Transactions Register with your PayPal connection.

12. Create Videos. This is where you can place YouTube links or upload videos. This shows up as an asset that you can select when you're creating your website!

Feel free to come back to these following steps later:

13. Create Audio Add-Ons. Your fans can hear you introduce your songs, song commentary, an audio bio, and artist announcements when you record and set up these add-ons. Feel free to get creative with them!

14. Create a Karaoke experience for your fans by setting up scrolling lyrics in our Karaoke Lyrics Builder. It allows your fans to read your lyrics as the lyrics auto-scroll down the screen. Plus, if you have an instrumental file with no vocal (backing track) that you attached when creating your Song Recording Title (SRT), it will automatically show up as an option for the fan to use the Karaoke button. When the fan clicks Lyrics on the Music Player they'll see your scrolling lyrics and be able to sing the song themselves! Go to the Fan Site and listen to songs by Rocky Rose to see this in action!

15. Create Tours. This is where you create your tour assets. You'll place these Tours on your website using the Tour Feature in the Site Builder.

16. Create News. Use this to create news articles that can be placed on your website using the News Feature in the Site Builder.

17. Create your Artist Website using our website builder. Click on Site Builder at the top of the page to access it!

18. Click on Fans at the top of the page to find other useful tools and features designed for fan interaction.

a. Artist Penthouse allows you to create private pages that fans pay to access.

b. Mailing List is where you manage emails collected from fans.

c. Gift Codes enable you to create codes to be used to give fans free samples of songs, albums and private content.

d. Fan Song Mixer (MxRR) is where you can upload 6 tracks / stems of your song and allow your fans to make their own mix!

19. The Merch Store is where you can sell and bundle both digital items like song downloads and physical merchandise like t-shirts.

20. When you signed up as a music creator you were automatically signed up as a fan - the same user name and password works for both. Enjoy your fan account at!

Congratulations! You are now a fluent Rhythmic Rebellion Rebel!