Tour Feature Complete Guide

How To Use The Tour Feature

Keeping your fans updated on a tour you're going to have is a great way to keep them engaged and interested in what you're up to as an artist. This will also let them know when you're in their area so they can see you perform live!

Summary: You'll create a Tour and give it a name. Then, you can create Shows inside your Tour. After your entire tour in created, you can go to your Artist Site Builder and add the Tour to your website using the Tour Feature. You can even put the tour feature on it's own page on the Toolbar.

Add A Tour

1. To create a Tour, go to the Asset Manager in your Artist Account and scroll down to click Tours on the left hand tool bar. Now click the Add New Tour button.

2. Next, you will be prompted to add a name for your Tour and set the dates that that it will run for. 

3. Click Save and Close. You are now inside your Tour Show Creator (see the Tour Name at the top left). Click Add New Show.4. Here you'll create a Show for your Tour. Only the show date and time, venue, and location (address) are required information when adding a Show. But, you should also put in relevant details for the show (ie: a ticket link to make it easy to purchase tickets and a link to VIP tickets where applicable). Click Save and Add New Show to quickly add many Shows to your Tour!

5. Once you're done creating all the Shows for your Tour, go to Features in your Artist Site Builder. Click and drag a Tour Feature onto your page where you want it to appear.

6. This will open settings for this Tour. Select the Tour you just created and it will auto-fill into your Tour Feature. This will bring the Tour and Shows you previously created into the feature you now have on your website.
7. Once you're done adjusting the Tour Feature Settings (and possibly adding a Block Feature with an image as your background) it will look something like this: