Store For Labels


This feature allows Labels to share selected store items from contracted artists and display them on their Label Site Store page. This allows the labels to have an opportunity to help with the promotion of contracted artists' physical and digital merch.

NOTE! for more information concerning the Artist - Label Contracts system, please refer to this article: Artist - Label Contracts

First Steps

The contract was configured and signed. Now, we need to look into the Artist Store and decide which items need to be placed in the Label Store.

Under the Store menu, click on the Shared Items tab. Here you'll see the list of all the items you've already acquired from your contractors. 

You can use the Store Item Type tabs (Products, Digital Songs, etc.) to browse between physical and digital merch.

There's also an artist filter and search field to help sort items quickly. 

Adding New Items

To add your first store item to the shared list, click the blue Add New Item button.

Fill in the Add New Item form fields:

  • Artist filter allows you to select a particular artist or artists. The default stance selects All Artists.

  • Store Item Type tabs allow you to select a particular store item type and display the corresponding items.

  • Search field - allows you to search for a particular item within the selected item type.
  • Sort functions allow you to sort the displayed store items by name or by creation date.
  • I'm the owner checkbox displays the products from artists with currently active contracts within the selected item type.

  • Item selector allows you to choose multiple store items. These items will be added to the Shared Items list after saving.

NOTE! You can select or deselect store items simply by clicking on them. The Unattach button also deselects the item.

  • Save / Close buttons allows you to save the currently selected item(s) to the Shared Items list or closes the current selection form without saving.

Store (General)

Now, you've got the list of items from all the contractors and it's time to see what's going on in your Store Page and learn how to use the Store Feature.

To understand the full functionality of the Store, please familiarize yourself with these articles: 
Your Label Store works in almost the same way as the Artist Store, but with some exceptions. Let's talk about this in more detail. 

First, you can not create your own store items (for now, but something tells me this is not set in stone). However, you're free to use the store items from your contractors. 

The items you've selected to share will automatically be available on the Store Page if your Label Site has been published. You are free to use the Store Feature to help your artist with the promotion of some exclusive merch or new songs or albums. 

Keep in mind that artists can change the status of a store item at any moment and some items from the shared list will become unavailable for sale and will disappear from the Store Page or Store Feature.

There are also a few differences between the Store Page / Store Feature settings and Store Settings. Keep reading to touch on the basics!

Store Settings

Ability to sort by Artist Name has been added to the Default Store Items Order section of the settings. This sort function will rearrange the items on your Store Page according to the artists' names.

Store Page Settings

We've added an additional field to filter shared store items by artist name. By default, all the shared contractors' store items appear in the list, but you can also select a particular artist to display only that artist's merch items.