Store Page Settings

Changing The Store Page Settings

To change anyStore Page settings, click on Merch Store on the top right-hand toolbar when you are in your Artist Account. Here you can set up the merchandise you plan to market and sell on your website.

Our software automatically creates a Store Page within the Artist Site Builder once you begin adding merchandise. It adds the Store Page to your Public Pages list. It also adds a link to your website menu which you can then customize so your online store is as unique as your music! You can use the Store Feature to build your own Merch Store page, but if you have a lot of items for your store, you may not want to spend all that time doing this. In this case, you can configure the Store Page Feature just to sell all of your store Items from one place.

Add Products

If you have not already created Products for your store, you will need to do this first. Click Products or Bundles on the Merch Store page's left sidebar to create new products/bundles or to view existing ones and make edits.

In the first image you will see a product that has been made and is ready to sell. The second image shows how theStore Page is added automatically in your Static Pages list with your first product or bundles created.

Store Page Settings

To configure the Store Page, go to the Artist Site Builder, select Pages, and choose the Store page. Then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Store Page Feature.

To change the background of the page (the page behind and to the right and left of the products) click on Styles

Store Menu

Show Products / Bundles

Here you have two options:

  • All - (default option) allows all items enabled within the Merch Store to be seen.
  • Select - allows you to select the items you want to show on the Store Page manually.


Configure text font, color and opacity.


Customize the Open Details button using font, color, background color and hover effects.


Set the background color or gradient for the product card.

Sorting & Navigation

Set the text color and font for the Sorting and Navigation menu above the list of products:


Here you can create policies for your store.

Rounding, Border & Shadows

Lastly, you can customize the rounding, borders, and shadows of the product card. Note that you must click on a border edge for it to be added, see image below.