Store Settings

The Store Settings page allows artists to manage NotificationsCreate An Email To Thank Customers For Their Support, designate and add Emails for Fan Replies, and set the Default Store Items Order.

To open this page click on Store in the upper menu and then choose Settings on the left toolbar:


This block will allow you to configure notifications about purchases in your store. You can choose how often the system will send you these notifications:

  • Once per day
  • When an order is placed
  • Once a week
  • Never

You can also add up to 3 email addresses to receive the notifications. Clicking on the + Add email button will add the additional email field.

Create An Email To Thank Customers For Their Support

Use this section to create a personalized email message to fans who purchased something from you. You can use the default message or customize it. Fans will see all the products from their order in this email. The email is also sent to fans automatically on each checkout.

Emails for Fan Replies

Connect up to three emails where you want to receive fan replies when status update emails are sent. Clicking on the + Add email button for each additional email.

Default Store Items Order

This block allows you to set up the products which will be displayed on your Store page. Only items that are enabled to show in the store will appear in both of the lists (Standard and Custom).

The Standard option allows you to easily sort the list of items by Price, Date and Name. After setting the desired sort option, as always don't forget to click the Save button in the upper right-hand corner of the page!

The Custom option allows you to save custom sort orders for all of your products. You can drag and drop any items from the list to a new place. Also, there is the icon with the arrow, which appears as the cursor when you hover over the item. By clicking on this icon, the item will be moved to the very top of the list.

NOTE: In Custom sort mode, the system saves the current position for each item, which means all of the newly created items and those which are reenabled to show on the Store page will appear at the bottom of the ordering list. Such items should be placed in the desired position manually. Hover over the price to see the tool that allows you to click and move the item to the top.