Store Header Feature

A Static Page Header Feature is an exceptional full-width feature that adapts itself to any user device. It provides an optimal viewing experience on a laptop, widescreen, or smartphone! It provides you the option to add an image and branding at the top of any of your static pages like the Store page, Fan Club page, or MxRR page.

To configure the Static Page Header Feature, go to the Artist Site Builder, select Pages, and choose Store page, Fan Club page, or MxRR page. Then click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the header block:

The Header consists of several other features that are placed inside of it and can be customized individually:

  • Templates
  • Background
  • Title & Action
  • Menu


You can select one of two templates to use on your Header feature:

If you chose the first option, you'll see 2 additional settings in the menu - Layout and Image Block.


Layout allows you to switch the position of text and photo blocks.

Image Block

The Image Block option allows you to manage side picture settings:

  • select and manage the picture
  • add a link to it
  • change the alignment and size of it
  • round the corner of the picture block
  • set borders for it
  • configure the shadow options


This option allows you to select the Header block background color, gradient or image:

  • The background color picker allows you to select a color from the preconfigured palette or add your own custom color.

  • The gradient option allows you to configure the gradient which will fill the background.

  • The Image option allows you to choose and upload a picture from the General library or your own (My) to use as the background image.

Title & Action

This option allows you to manage the Title and Action block of the Static Page Header Feature.

  • Title & Action - enable / disable the block
  • Title - enable / disable and manage the title:

  • Subtitle - enable/disable and manage the subtitle:

  • Logo - enable / disable and select the logo image
  • Action button -  enable / disable and configure the action button:

  • Position - switch the position of the Title & Action block:

  • Background allows you to configure the background color, gradient or image for the "Title & Action" block.
  • Border allows you to add or modify the borders of the "Title & Action" block.
  • Shadow allows you to manage the shadow options of the "Title & Action" block.


Menu is similar to the common menu feature settings on your site, with a few differences. Menu items can be aligned left, right or centered. "Fixed Menu" checkbox makes the menu always visible on the page along with the Logo and Follow buttons, if enabled. A Fixed Menu will scroll down the page as the user scrolls down your site.