Artist - Label Contracts

Rhythmic Rebellion's business model was designed to provide protection of rights and also generate income for music creators including songwriters, artists, bands, beatmakers, music publishers and record labels.

Rhythmic Rebellion is equally suitable for indie artists who produce music independently as well as for artists who release their music with a record label.

The Song Recording Titles' (SRTs) ownership is defined on a per-song basis. It allows an artist to have songs with multiple rights owners within the same artist account. 

The MxRR (Mixer) and backing track (Karaoke) versions allocate the revenue to the rights holders set for each corresponding Song when these features are sold.

Therefore for artists who have an agreement with a music label, distributor, manager, agent, publicist, or any other individual or entity, Rhythmic Rebellion has introduced the Label-Artist Contracts

Label-Artist Contract

The Label-Artist Contract is a virtual agreement between the Label and Artist, which means that during the specified period, the Label receives any access and abilities for the corresponding Artist account(s):

  1. Label receives the revenue generated by Artist Account via:
    1. Selling Artist Penthouse
    2. Selling Merch Items
      1. The shipping amount is also sent to the Label account.
    3. Receiving the Crowdfunding campaign funds
    4. Tips that are given to Artist
    5. Bonuses for the Fans Sign-ups to Artists
  2. The Label receives access to the Artist(s)' Assets in the Site Builder, allowing them to use assets from the Label Artist for promotional purposes via their Label account.


According to Rhythmic Rebellion's Creative Supplemental Terms & Conditions the terms of any contract negotiated and agreed to by and between an Artist and any third party, including a Songwriter, will be made completely separate from Rhythmic Rebellion, and we maintain, to the greatest extent possible under applicable law, no legal or financial liability regarding the outcome of such a contract, nor do we have the responsibility to know, nor should we be deemed to reasonably be aware of the terms of any such agreements, contracts, or activity which conflicts with stipulations contained therein. It means that Rhythmic Rebellion is not liable for artists and other third party negotiations, agreements, and actions.

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How Does the Label-Artist Contract Work?

  1. An artist can start the Contract Assignment flow inside their Artist Account Profile. It is required to have a Label Account ID and define a contract term. A Label Account ID is the unique number of this sub account and provided by the system. The Music Label can find it inside their Label Account Profile and provide it to you. If your Music Label has not yet joined, then we recommend asking them to join Rhythmic Rebellion!
  2. To send a request for a contract assignment an artist needs to enter their Label Account ID and contract term. The Music Label Account receives an email notification that the Contract assignment has started. An artist can always cancel the sent request up until their Music Label has accepted it. This can be done in the Artist menu of the Music Label Account by clicking the cancel button.
  3. Note: You Music Label needs to connect a Business PayPal account to their Label Account so that funds fan purchases can be delivered there. Read How to connect to PayPal article for more info. 

    When a Music Label accepts the contract, the view is changed and there is no option to cancel the contract. It is possible to add another contract for the case of contract prolongation with the current Label or send the request to another Label. The system validates contract terms so there cannot be signed contracts with the same terms or terms that are crossed. 

The system also tracks the contract terms and sends notification emails to an Artist Account that their contract with the record label is about to expire. The notification is sent: 

  • 30 days before the Contract Term End Date
  • 20 days before the Contract Term End Date
  • 10 days before the Contract Term End Date

Contract Cancelation

The Contract, once accepted by the Label, can not be canceled by Artist. Only Label can cancel the it before the Contract end date come. Otherwise the contract will be active until the end date specified by Artist when Contract Assignment is initiated.