Merch Store Ideas

Here's A List Of Ideas For Your Merch Store!

Not only can these items be in your merch store, but you can use the Store feature to place the item on the homepage of your profile or website. It's a good idea to have merch items near the top of your page that you swap out weekly or monthly. Keep it fresh! On-demand printing means your merch creativity can be endless.

Note: Our Printful integration means that you can create as many products as you want without a bulk purchase up front. They will print and ship your product. Learn more here: Printful Integration

Here are a few of our artists that have great merch stores
Isaiah Grass Store
Rocky Rose Store
Karen Waldrup Store

Digital Ideas

One-On-One 20 Minute Zoom Meet & Greet
Once the fan purchases this, you'll see their email in your Merch Store Orders Section. You can email them to set up the call.

Tip The Artist
This example starts with $1 but at checkout the fan can add additional money. You can set the minimum to $5 or any amount you want.

Happy Birthday Video For Your Fan
You can use the RR Artist app, found in Apple or Google stores, to use your phone to record a video of you singing happy birthday to your fan. After the fan makes the purchase you will see their email in your Orders form. You can email the fan for details about the video. You can create a special page on your website to place these videos and share the link with the fan. This allows the fan to share it with friends and family which might get you another sale.

Other Digital Ideas

Personal Live Acoustic Concert
Offer a 30 minute show for $200 and a 1 hour show for $300. Use Zoom or some other method to stream the video to your fan live.

Physical Product Ideas

As you already know, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other such items are big sellers to fans. You can browse the Printful products here: Printful Products

Photos or Posters - You can create these on Printful or you can get the printed locally. Printed locally means you can offer some as signed. You can even sign 100 of them and ship them to Printful and they will ship them to your fan when purchased.

Signed CD or Vinyl Albums - As always, you can process these purchases in your RR merch store and ship them yourself, or you can sign the number you think you can sell and ship them to Printful and let them do the fulfillment. When you create your CD or vinyl album in your merch store, you will be asked if the product contains music. If you answer YES then you can attach the digital version of your album and your fan can get instant access to the music digitally in the music player provided on your profile or website while they wait for their physical copy of the album.
Learn more here: Product Creation