Add and update products for your Merch Store - offer your fans a chance to directly support your work by creating and selling custom merchandise that represents your brand!

To create a new product, click the blue Add New Product button at the top of the page and fill out the form. Let's review all the fields to make sure your product is created correctly.

Product Name & Product Description

The product name and description are the most basic and common fields needed to post a product. Good product descriptions help educate customers on the key benefits, features, and unique value proposition your products have. A solid product description can drive sales by convincing customers to support your work.

Having a good product description helps lower refund rates by accurately describing what you're selling and it builds customer trust so that your customers come back for merchandise again and again when you provide new offerings on your website store.

Main Image & Additional Images

Here you can select or upload images for your products. A good photo goes a long way towards fans and customers buying your merchandise. We highly recommend attaching a photo of at least 600 x 600 pixels for the image dimensions. Try to avoid loading images with different ratios so that your store looks concise and the products on it are all formatted the same. You can use images that you already uploaded, upload an image from your computer or use images from the RR library, called general images. 


Set the price of your product here. Make sure that your margins on the product are accurate so that you come away with a profit. The currency we support right now is USD. 


How do pre-orders work? Defining a date / time you are going to start selling and shipping a product has a lot of benefits:

  • Your customers know when they should expect their products
  • They have a guaranteed immediate shipment on release
  • You know the demand as orders come in
  • You can order exactly as much product as is needed
  • You can be assured of a minimum number of sales
  • High pre-order rates can be used to increase and predict future sales

All you need to do is define the pre-order price, date, and time.

To see pre-ordered products you have sold, go to the Orders tab on the left side in your Merch Store and open the Pre-Orders tab.


Select a shipping type from the list or use no shipping needed for items such as digital goods & services. You can always update shipping cost as needed or create new shipping preferences in your Merch Store Shipping Preferences menu.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

Add the SKU if you need to identify products and track inventory. For artists that do not have as much merchandise to sell, having a SKU number for each product is not essential but is good for tracking inventory over time. Typical SKU numbers are denoted with 6 digits (000-000) but you can define a SKU in any way you need to track your specific inventory of products.


Here you can manage parameters for your product like size, color, etc. and define their values. The first parameter card helps you identify default parameters, like color and size or you can add your own parameters. On this card you should also select or type in related values and quantities.

Click the New Parameters button to define additional values of initial parameters and adjust the available quantity of products you have for sale.

To understand more on how to create multiple sizes, colors, and other parameters: Review the top of the image below. I have created 10, small, black t-shirts. In the bottom section I created 6, large, black t-shirts. To add a medium size I would click on on New Parameters at the bottom and it will add a new window where I can select Size and M, the color black, and add the quantity available.

You need to do this for each size. If you have this size in multiple colors you would need another for each color. So, if you have a t-shirt that comes in 3 sizes and 3 colors for each size, you would have created 9 of these boxes where I have 2.

Don't forget to SAVE your product!

With your first add a product, we automatically create a Store page in your Site Builder. It will be shown in the Menu Feature. As this page is automatically created, it won't be shown in the Pages list, but you can view it in the View as fan mode - navigate to the Store page in your menu and you will be redirected to the View as a fan option.

What's Next?

  • Check the Products you want to sell to make them available.
  • Go to your Site Builder and add the Store Feature as a promo to your home page!
  • Check the view of your Merch Store page in the Site Builder.
  • Publish your site and share this news with your fans!