Printful On-Demand Merch Printing

Printful is a web service which provides merchandising production service on-demand. With this integration, you can merge Printful products right into your Rhythmic Rebellion Merch Store!

On-demand printing is GREAT! You pay ZERO for your merch until your fan buys it. This means you can put your creativity to work and design as many t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, hats, and so on, and if it sells, great! If not, delete it. Nothing lost! Because we have integrated this right into your RR merch store, fans can buy digital items and physical stuff all at the same time, without them leaving your website to go to some other platform. Our system transfers the sale to Printful. Printful's AI checks to see where the fan lives and your product is created at a facility near them. They have facilities all over the world. This means your fan gets your products quicker, and with a lower shipping cost. And all of this happens without you ever touching the product. Printful creates and ships your product. Nice right?!

You can also send merch to Printful - such as CDs, vinyl, or specialty merch, and upon purchase by your fan they will ship it. Got fans in Europe? Have your CDs or vinyl created in Europe and delivered to Printful, and they will deliver it to your fans at a reasonable shipping cost. Shipping a CD from the USA to Europe is just too expensive. Printful solves this problem.

Funding Your Printful Purchases Is Easy!

You can make a manual deposit into your Printful Wallet, but if the wallet is empty or does not have enough funds for an order, Printful will automatically charge your Paypal account.
  1. Billing method only (PayPal). Without depositing Printful wallet, Printful will charge your billing method for every order that comes in. 
  2. Printful wallet. You manually pre-deposit the Printful wallet with funds. When running out of funds, Printful will automatically charge the needed amount from your billing method (PayPal).
  3. Combined - Printful wallet and Billing method. Pre-deposit your Printful wallet with the auto-recharge option turned on. When the Printful wallet's balance decreases to an amount you've selected in setup, it will automatically recharge it using your Billing method. 
Using  Billing method only (Paypal) is a good solution for the start when you're not sure of the number of purchases that will go through. However, in the long-term, it's better to use the combined method to avoid having a bank account full of fulfillment transactions. 
Here's a video that explains each of the methods:
Find more info here: Printful Wallet

Setting Up Printful

First, you need to have a configured store on Printful. Fill it with your merch and proceed to the store connection phase.

Connecting your store to RR:

To connect your Printful store to your RR account click the Store - Integrations - Connect button.

Then, the corresponding Printful popup will appear:

This popup allows you to authenticate to your Printful account. After successful authorization, you will see the next dialog:

Click on the marked dropdown to select the needed Printful store from your account.

NOTE: You also have the ability to create the Printful store using the same dialog by clicking the "Create a new Printful store" option. In doing so, please keep in mind that the name of your store will be automatically generated - so you will be required to rename it on the Printful side. Also, the store will be empty - you will need to fill it with merch by adding products to that specific store from your Product Templates in Printful and it will require resynchronization from within Rhythmic Rebellion by going to Store, Integration, and clicking the Resync button.

Allow some time for synchronization with your Printful store. Once synched, your product(s) from Printful will appear in your store also the corresponding mark will appear within the integration area:

Note: Your Printful account should have enough money on the account (or on a connected credit card) to perform orders.

Each time you add products to your Printful account, you will need to hit the "re-sync" button. See below.

The Artist is fully responsible for any issues caused by errors in the Printful products, and the Artist is responsible for monetary refunds to fans if needed.

8. Pre-Orders: If the fan's order is a pre-order as set up by the Artist, the system will send the order request to Printful on the specified date selected in product setup.

Printful ships locations all over the world except: Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. Learn more here:

Below are two maps of Printful locations.

On-Demand Printing Locations:

Already Had a Printful Account Integrated / Synced?

Support for previously used API keys ends in March 2023. 

That means your previously synced Printful Store will stop working in March 2023. 

All you need to do is log into your Artist Account, go to Store and Integration, and click the green Authentication With Application button. A window will pop up allowing you to login to your Printful account. If you don't see this window, then search your desktop or check to see if pop ups are blocked. You will need to temporarily allow pop ups. Once you find the window, enter your username and password, the select the store you want to connect to. If you don't do this, you will see a message saying you need to. Once completed, you will see your store re-sync.

If you don’t see the Authentication With Application button, it means that your connection to Printful was created using the new method and all is good!