Video Backgrounds On Website

Using Video Backgrounds On Your Website

Rhythmic Rebellion presents a creative way to build a captivating home page for your website. 

A video background can make your site memorable and engage your fans in new ways. Use a looped video instead of a static image boost the visual entertainment value in the background of your custom website.

Video Backgrounds

Note: We have a few background videos preloaded that you can use to see how background videos work. If one of our samples works for you, great. But after you give it a test run, you may want to upload your own video as a background. Some artist use video of them in concert or a clip of a music video. You can also find videos to use on other platforms like (some free) or (good but can be expensive). You might want moving colors, flowing smoke, or just flower blowing in wind.  A google search reveals lots of sites that offer these types of videos.

1. To upload a video to be the background of your site, go to the Videos menu of the Asset Manager and select the Video Backgrounds tab. 

2. Click the Add Video button to select a file on your computer and start uploading. NOTE: Users can only upload a video file length up to 30 seconds. See supported formats and codecs HERE.

3. Understand that we need to process a video after uploading and that can take some time. This is because we will transcode it to play on different display formats for both desktop and mobile. Video backgrounds play without sound, so the audio track will automatically be removed during our processing.

4. Once you upload a video on your backend, you will see these uploaded videos available to be selected for your website in your Site Builder in the Background tab when setting up the page or Block feature. See more info on setting up a background HERE.

Video Background In A Block Feature

Set a video as the background of a  Block image.

Drag a  Block feature onto your Site Builder. In the feature's settings, you will find the same the same options as you have in the Video Backgrounds settings of the page. Using a video inside of Block feature will give you more flexibility in the placement and location of the video within your website and design!

Useful Tips For Background Videos

  • Don’t show too much movement in the video.
  • Use a short and visually appealing video. 
  • Note: the file size of your background video can slow down the loading time of your site.
  • Use an overlay to mask lower quality videos.