Background for Website

The Background setting inside the Styles tab in your Site Builder allows you to set a color, gradient, image, or video background for your website. There are unlimited color choices and you can upload any image or video you want to use as your background. 

Background Color or Gradient

Click the Styles tab in your Site Builder and select the Background accordion. Select the color you want to use from the palette. If you do not see the color you want to use, click the + symbol below the palette to open the Custom Color Picker.

The Gradient tab allows you to create a color fade effect on the page. Move the circle icon located in the left top corner to set the color gradient. Change the color gradient richness and opacity by switching the white toggles below the color picker.

Background Image

Select the Image tab to view the list of uploaded images, or click the Upload button to select and upload a new image for the background.

Scroll down the settings form to see and change options for  Opacity, Scroll Effect and Position.

Click the Add To Other Pages button to add that same image to other pages, or choose to use a different custom background on every page.

Background Video 

Set a video as the background of your page.

Define the video playback timing under  Speed

  • Min value = 0.25x
  • Max value = 2x
  • Step = 0.25
  • Default value = 1x

Use the  Opacity slider to change the transparency level of the video, which also helps to hide artifacts in lower quality videos.

Due to some technical restrictions, not all mobile devices and browsers support playing video on the page background. If you have doubts regarding feasibility of having video on your page background on mobile, check the Use the thumbnail image checkbox and the first frame of your video will be displayed as an image rather than a video on mobile view.

Check the  Play video in a loop box to automatically play the video continuously without any intervention after it reaches the end.

Check the box on Overlay Pattern to add an overlay design to the video. This is a common technique used to hide a low quality video's artifacts by overlaying a color or a pattern.

Learn about using a Video Background in a Block Feature here.