Creating Link Landing Page for Your Bio

Creating a Link Landing Page for Your Social Media Bio

A link landing page is a great idea to include in your bio section to list any social media links you have to promote your music. It's a smart and efficient way to group them and easily direct fans to your many links. That way, they can instantly click to your music, merchandise, or other social media and links. Any of your internet sites can be featured on this landing page via their links. Plus, this page can be completely customized to look however you would like!

Below are a few quick steps to show how to create a new link-in-bio landing page on your Rhythmic Rebellion website. 

1. Add a new page to your website. That page will automatically be added to every menu on your website. See more about removing this page from the menus below.

2. Change the background to any color or image. 

3. Drag and drop as many buttons as there are for the links you want to include on the page. You can learn more about the Button Feature here

4. From there, you can use all the features of our website builder to customize the page any way you want, with all the links you would like to use to direct your fans.

Menu Auto-Add and Removal

When you create a new page on your website, it will automatically be added to the Menu Feature on every page you have. If you want your new link landing page listed in the menu, simply leave it there. Otherwise, you will have to go into each page, click into the menu feature on that page, and delete your new links landing page from each menu. That way, you can have the link page you need without it actually being listed on your website.

Check out the links below for examples of the type of landing page you can create on your Rhythmic Rebellion website.