Menu Feature

Add A Menu Feature 

Select the Features Panel from your Site Builder and drag the Menu Feature to your page. 

Note: Each page can contain only 1 Menu Feature.


The Links section allows you to:

  • Add menu items to your Menu Feature and rename them. Click the + icon and focus a mouse on the item title to type in a new menu name.
  • Add site pages and rename them. Click a menu item and click the + Add Page button. It will be the added as a new bottom field where you can click and rename it.
  • Link a menu item to a site page, an anchor (specific position on your site), a light box, or an external URL. Copy and paste in the desired link or type in an external URL.
  • Drag & drop menu items to reorder them in the list.


  1. Adjust the background color using the pre-selected color palette. Backgrounds can be either a solid color or a linear gradient and you can adjust these in the Color and Gradient Settings
  2. Select an alignment
    1. Left - aligns each menu item to the left of the feature.
    2. Center - aligns each menu item to the center of the feature.
    3. Right - aligns each menu item to the right of the feature. 
  3. We also have an option for a Fixed Menu. Note: A Fixed Menu makes for a sticky navigation menu particularly on mobile devices. If you'd like your menu to move with you as you scroll your page, do not make it a fixed menu - this means you'll have to scroll back up to access the menu at any time.


  1. Select a font and size.
  2. Change the text color and opacity.
  3. Choose a background color.
  4. Adjust the style for when you hover your mouse over them.
  5. Change the shape by dragging the border radius slider.
  6. Adjust the space between menu items by dragging the space slider.
  7. Adjust border and shadow settings as it describes in the Border and Shadow Settings article. 

Menu With Anchors 

A menu with anchors takes your fan to a particular place on your page. Use this tactic as a way to have only a one page site with a menu that navigates your fans around the single page.
  1. Place a Block Feature on the page where you want the menu items to take you to.
  2. Turn the block opacity to zero so the block is not seen.
  3. Click Place Anchor and give it an anchor name. Click Apply and Save! Don't forget to Publish when you're ready. 
  4. Go to the Menu Settings. Under the menu item for where you placed the block, select the name of the anchor you created. Now when you click the menu item, the page scrolls down to the place where you put the block.