Button Feature

1.  The Button Feature allows site creators to create a button on their website that redirects fans to:

  • A certain page inside current artist site Link;
  • A place inside the site Anchor;
  • Navigate to an external URL.

The Button you create can also initiate certain Lightbox appearance;

2. Site creator can adjust button size by dragging certain points located on the border frame. You can make your button as big or small as you want. The squares located on the border of the button being created below are used to adjust size.

3. Site creator can also customize the next parameters of how the button on their site will look:

  • Background (Color of button)
  • Background hover color (how it looks when a mouse is over it)
  • Rounding (to change the shape)
  • Border (change the outline of the button)
  • Shadow (to give a shadow behind the button)