What is the Rhythmic Rebellion Mission?

The Rhythmic Rebellion Mission

We are a promotional platform for Songwriters and Artists with a focus on finding new ways for music creators to make money and build a fanbase.

If you have not yet created your Songwriter or Artist accounts and content, make sure you use our checklist:
Singer / Songwriter / Band Checklist

We have developed Professional Promotional Software for Serious Music Creators and their Management.

Our software includes a songwriter song registration system, interactive artist websites built by you using our website builder, a music and video streaming system, new digital toys for fans, and a business model that makes music creators feel like they own the company. 

See our Founder talk about our Mission: Music Creators and the Fight to Make a Living

Streaming royalties will always be low. 

Let's get creative and come up with new ways to make money!

You can make more money by using our website builder and added features: 

Artist Premiere - Paid access to your never before seen or heard videos and music.
Crowdfunding - Raise money for an album or video production.
Fan Song Mixer (MxRR) - You provide stems/tracks of your song like drums, bass, guitar, keys, and vocals - and your fans pay to get access and make their own mix of your song!
  Sell Merch- On-demand merch printing is the way to go. Printful.com allows you to create t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and other stuff, and you pay nothing until the fan buys it. Our Printful integration means your fans can buy digital and physical items in the same checkout. Our system sends printful the order. Printful creates the item in a facility near your fan, including Europe. Printful Article
Gift Codes - Use our Gift Code generator to create codes to give your fans free songs, access to private content, and more. This helps you build a strong fanbase! Gift Codes Article
Song and Album Sales - We provide full song previews for your fans and you set the price.
$2 Per Fan Sign Up - As of August 1, 2020 we are paying $2 for each fan that visits your website built on our platform, clicks your Follow button, and signs up with Rhythmic Rebellion (subject to change). Fan Sign Up Program
Help Articles on Artist Premiere, MxRR, Gift Codes, and Sales Features
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We Want Your Ideas!
If you have ideas on digital features we can create to entertain and sell to your fans, don't hesitate to let us know!

We have plans for the future to be a streaming company like Spotify, Pandora, and the others - but we will be much different thanks to our song registration system. We will know who all the songwriters and copyright owners are and we can pay everyone directly for their streaming royalties. This will allow us to pay higher royalties than what are being paid now and that money will go to the correct people owed.

Our Mission Statement: Rhythmic Rebellion is a digital music entertainment company with a focus on improving the incomes and lives of music creators. The move to on-demand streaming has hurt the ability to sell music and the income of many music creators has suffered. Streaming royalties are low and do not replace lost income. This has especially hurt songwriters. We are creating a partnership with music creators where we, the creators, make the rules. In the future, music creators will receive royalties from music streaming profits. We hope this partnership means music creators will prefer and promote themselves through Rhythmic Rebellion.

We began developing software in January 2017. As of January 2020, we have a software development team of 50+ people. We began slowly signing up artists and fans in the fall of 2019 as we tested and improved our software. We are steadily ramping this up and have the ability to grow very quickly.  

We do not pay a streaming royalty at this time because we do not have enough music to be a legit streaming company yet. Today, we provide you with a better website that includes ways to build your fan base and make money that you don't have on your old fashioned website.

Learn more here: More on Music Streaming


What do songwriters want the most? To get their songs published with a music publishing company that can get their song heard and recorded by an artist. Publishers are great, but they can't sign every songwriter and even then many songs get put on the shelf never to be heard again. There are lots of great singers that would love to record these songs, and if the singer and the song are really that good then you might just get a hit! But, there is just no easy way for them to find each other.

Our solution? We built a system where songwriters can self-publish their songs. We built search tools so that artists, singers and bands can search using metadata input by the songwriter to form a list of songs that match the type of song a singer is looking for. Publishers can also use this system to find songs for their artists.

Singers can search for a new song by genre, song characteristics, date written, and many other criteria. They can rate songs, follow songwriters, add songs to list, then come back later and find just the songs they gave a high rating to and select the song to record from that short list. What we need to make this a reality is for lots of songwriters to create their songs on the Rhythmic Rebellion Platform so that singers have lots of choices! If a singer or publisher wants to record your song, they can contact you or any songwriter through the songwriter contact form.

Another goal of Rhythmic Rebellion is to increase the income of songwriters. We can't do much to increase what other music and video streaming platforms are paying songwriters, so we decided to create our own music and video streaming platform. Because we require all songs to have the songwriters and their shares defined, in the future we can pay songwriters directly without needing to pay outside collection agencies that take a cut of the money. This means more money ends up in the songwriter's pocket. We are also creating a way that money, for any digital sale related to a song, can be divided amongst the songwriters automatically on the system. So, artists that decide to sell their songs digitally or physically on our system can allow songwriters to get their cut automatically. This will include access to karaoke for the song and access to MxRR, where the fan can mix their own version of your song. We are brainstorming all the time to come up with creative ways to increase the income of all music creators!

Artists / Singers / Bands

For this group of creators our goal is to come up with creative ways to increase the income and overcome the drop in album sales due to on-demand streaming.

Fact: Musical artists are the only retail industry on the planet using their website to send customers to social media. All other retailers use social medial to send customers to the website... WHY?

It is hard for mid-level artists to sell albums thanks to on-demand streaming, so its hard to make money on your website. It has become the norm to build your following on social media.  We agree with that - except when it comes to placing your social media icons at the top of your website so that your potential fan income leaves the site before they ever even know what great entertainment you have on your site. Sure, build your social media following as big as you can but when you get a fan on your website, do everything you can to entertain and hold them there as long as you can - this is how you turn a visitor into a super fan and even someone that is happy to financially support you. Your website is where you can sell them digital entertainment - we'll show you how. And by the way, we're a social media platform too and one day we will have a million fans thanks to you!

Build a website that holds your fans attention. People like Instagram and Facebook because they have an endless scroll. They can be entertained for a long time and never reach the end. So, if you want to hold a fans attention, give them an Instagram type experience - Make your HOME page long and filled with lots of videos and images, just like Instagram. A one page site might be all you need, as long as the loading time stays acceptable. Place a NEXT PAGE button at the bottom of your HOME page so your fan still never has to stop scrolling. You can place your social media links just above this button.  

Let's allow our fans to support us financially. They pay $5 a day for coffee and soft drinks. They will support you if you will just ask them and give them something in return! One popular digital item to sell to fans today is access to private content. Some companies let users pay a monthly subscription, but most music fans are young and don't like subscriptions - they want to pay and get it now - so we created our own version called the Artist Premiere.

Artist Premiere: You define a price, maybe $3, and fans pay to get access to private website pages on your site. Place videos of you in the recording studio, in concert, doing an acoustic set on your living room sofa, or whatever you want! Place pictures and version of songs they have never heard. You can create these pages as often as you can create enough content to keep them interesting. As an example, you can release a new paid private page every 3 or 6 months. Each time you release a new page, the old page is still there and a new fan that hasn't seen it might pay to see both the old and your new private page. Over time you might have 10 of these private pages. It's like having old albums where a new fan might go back and buy every one of them - so get busy creating this content.

Crowdfunding: Why go to another platform to do crowdfunding when you can do it right on your website. We have this feature on Rhythmic Rebellion - build your fan base in one place!

Song and Album Selling: It is certainly harder to sell music than it used to be, but some fans are still buying so don't give up on this - we have built a great system for selling songs and albums. You can offer 45, 90, or even full song previews to fans and set the previews to limit plays from 1 to 10 times. They can hear it on our music player enough times (you choose how many) to fall in love with the song before their previews run out -  now they have to buy the song! Do what Taylor Swift and other artists do and try to sell songs for 30 days before you place it on other streaming platforms.

Building a Fan Base

Use our email collector to create a mailing list.  Facebook limits who sees your post so don't rely on that only - build an email mailing list.

Introduce Your Songs: We have Audio Intros where fans can hear you introduce your own songs along with Song Commentary, Artist Bio's, and Artist Announcements.

Karaoke: We have software where you can line up your lyrics so that they scroll for your fans and allow them to sing along with you. If you provide a track with no vocal then they can click a button that switches them to that version of the song - and you can now provide karaoke to your fans!

Music Labels

Music Labels have accounts on our system. Artists can grant their label a Master Account permission to access their artist account. A music label might have 10 or more artists they are managing all from one place; managing the artist's websites, their music, their sales, their report.... everything.

Music Publishers

Music Publishers have accounts on our system. They can see the list of song compositions that they are the publisher for, the number of plays and other reports. Songwriters can assign a permission to allow their publisher to have access to their songwriter account to help create compositions and define co-writers and shares.