Social Feed Feature

The Social Feed feature allows creators to post links to other social media platforms like Facebook, etc. There's also an option where content is provided by the Artist via our Rhythmic Rebellion Artist Mobile Apps

Drag and drop the Social Feed feature on your Site Builder and select the source:


1. Select Facebook as a source for the feed and then paste the link to the profile page on Facebook in the Social Feed feature settings input.

2. The Facebook feed will appear in the appropriate window. You will be able to adjust what to show in the social feed you add including Timeline, Events, Messages, or a combination of these.

3. There are also additional settings to Use Small Header, Show Friend's Faces, and Hide Cover Photo.

4. Standard settings for border and shadow are also available.

RR Feed

RR Feed is a special, exclusive social feed that uses the Rhythmic Rebellion Artist iOS or Android App as its source for content. Artists can create some content on-the-go such as photos, videos, short messages, and the ability to share these with fans. Set up is simple!

1. Select RR Feed and set the desired window size for the feature.

2. Go to the mobile app and create some content! Content can be generated independently with the mobile application, so once you set up the RR feed on your Site Builder, you can start creating and uploading content immediately.  

Fan Engagement Feed

Select Fan Engagement as a source for the feed if you want to share photos and videos uploaded by fans via the Fan Engagement campaign.

The Fan feed is the part of the artist profile section of the RR app. It is presented as the list of the image or video files files approved by the artist. These files will automatically be shown in the feed right after the artist's approval, so no additional actions are required.

Note: Audio files even approved by the artist are not shown in the Fan Engagement feed.

If you have not started it yet, learn how to do it right now here!