Crowdfunding is a great tool which allows a musician to fund a song, record, or a music video record by allowing fans to directly contribute financially to their project. Crowdfunding can be found under the Fans section of your Artist Account on the left hand tool bar.

Create A Campaign

1. Add Campaign

  • To create your first Crowdfunding Campaign, click the Add Campaign button and fill in all the required information. Each properly filled field will be marked with a green checkmark on the left hand side of the form.

2. Add Your Goal

  • First you need to set a goal for your campaign to help fans understand why you are raising money. Fans will see it as the name of your Crowdfunding Campaign. Select your goal from the list or type out the goal yourself. Be as concise as possible so fans know what you want out of the campaign! 

3. Add A Description

  • Given that you're asking fans for donations, tell them exactly what you are going to do with the money, why your project will be beneficial to your career, and how they can support you. This is the basic information that fans will see on your website for this campaign.
  • Creating a compelling description for your campaign is essential in getting fans to want to help you by donating!

4. Add An Image

  • Here you should upload a promotional project image for your campaign. This image will appear on your website as the cover for your campaign and on social media channels when shared. You can use a png, jpg and gif file.
  • Try to use an intriguing image to get fans excited about what you're going to be working on with their crowdfunded money.

5. Set Your Target 

  • Set your funding goal. Choose your target very carefully - the key to your success is to set a feasible goal. Thoughtfully calculating all the future expenses involved in completing your project is key to setting a reasonable goal. Your budget should be realistic to build trust with backers so they know that their money is going to only the project you are crowdfunding for.

6. Set The Last Date To Donate 

  • Set up the end date your Crowdfunding Campaign will run until. Keep in mind that an effective project lasts no more than 60 days. It is highly recommended to set your campaign for 30 days or less - the short period motivates people to contribute without delay. You can prolong the launched project - but no longer than 60 days from the start date - the start date is the date when you first save your campaign.

Tips On Starting A Crowdfunding Campaign:

1. Present a project early in the week, on a Monday or Tuesday.

2. Try not to launch during a significant holiday.

3. Set reasonable goals that can be achieved.

When the last date to donate is over, the campaign is considered closed. You can see all closed projects when you sort them by type: All, Open or Closed. You are allowed to close a campaign yourself at  any time by clicking the Close button.     

7. Add The Crowdfunding Feature

The last step to launch a campaign is adding  The Crowdfunding Feature to your Artist website. Go to the Site Builder tab and drag the Crowdfunding Feature onto your website page. Customize it to make it look appealing! 

But before you do, make sure you've already completely created your first crowdfunding project in the Fans section of the Asset Manager. If so, you will see it in the Campaign block. This block only contains active campaigns.

Pick one of the launched projects and set up the text font and color

Select a view size of small, medium or large.  

Then, configure the buttons for their background, border, and shadow settings.

8. Why You Need A Separate Crowdfunding Campaign Page:

You can put more information about your launched project by creating a separate campaign page.  Creating a separate page on your Artist Website is a mandatory step if you want to share this project via Social Media. You can put a link to the existing page with an anchor to a Block feature, or type a link to an outside source of the information about your project.

People want to know the full explanation of the cause, project, person, or event that you're raising money for. You could even have videos and photos to demonstrate the project you’re raising money for! You might have an entertaining story to tell or how you plan to develop your skills. Share details about yourself, your band, and important events or people that shaped your project. It will help backers learn more about who you are and will inspire more confidence in you or your band - and a desire for them to donate to your cause!

Place the Share button on your crowdfunding page because people won’t know about your project unless you share it with your social networks! As a result, more donations will come into your Crowdfunding Campaign. Invite your fans to join you on your journey; you are not just asking for money, you are working towards a goal.

And most importantly, make sure you thank your supporters for their donations!

9. How It Works

Only logged-in fans can contribute, and they will see a  Support button. Fans not logged in should Sign In/Up to Support.

Fan clicks the Support button and see the pop-up which shows the short information about your Crowdfunding Campaign: Campaign Title, Artist Name, Field with the Sum, Add to cart, and Cancel buttons. A fan can set their own donation amount but not less than the minimum payment you set.

When a fan clicks on the Add to cart button, the donation is added to the fan's cart where the fan can then complete their donation.