Permissions & Ownership

Overview of the Permissions and Ownership Feature

Master Account Definition: Your Master Account is the first account you created. Inside this account is where you create sub-accounts like a Songwriter, Artist, Publisher, and Music Label account. Your MA holds the rights to sub-accounts including: ownership, permission granting control, and access based on a granted permission by someone else's Master Account.

Using This Feature You Can:

1. Grant someone else permission to access one of your sub-accounts. If your Music Label wants to work on your artist website, you can grant them access to your Artist Account and give them the permissions you want them to have to change and alter any information.(If the person being granted the permission does not accept/confirm it within 7 days it expires and will need to be granted again.)

2. Give other band member access to an Artist Account so that they can help you with the website, create songs, add pictures, and do anything else that's possible with a Rhythmic Rebellion account.

3. Transfer ownership of a sub-account to someone else. If you are the Songwriter or the Artist then you are the owner of that sub-account. If you are part of a band and you are assigned as the owner of the Artist Account inside Rhythmic Rebellion, you can transfer this ownership to another band member. This might be used if you quit the band. To clarify, in the system, being the owner means your Master Account has been granted the ownership permissions which gives you abilities like attaching a PayPal Business Account so that you can be paid for things like merchandise or songs bought.

4. Your Master Account has the ability to "control" the permission of the sub-account you are the Controller of. You can be the owner of the account but not be the one that has control over granting permissions to your sub-account. Your Music Label might create your Artist sub-account for you, and even though they assign you ownership of the Artist sub-account, they might have their Master Account retain the Controller Permission

So, the music label Master Account which has the Controller Permission can grant others on their team permission to access your Artist sub-account to work on your website. However, even though you are the owner of the Artist Account, you do not have access or permission to edit the website and add pictures after a fun 'after show party'. . . if you know what I mean. If you quit the music label they can transfer control of the Artist sub-account to your MA and if you sign with another label you can transfer control to them if needed. Or, you can retain "control" and just grant your new Music Label the permission to access your Artist Account and work on your website.

Go to this link and scroll down the list of videos and click on Permissions to learn more:

Permissions / Ownership Settings

1. Clicking on the sub-account you want to work with and click the Permissions / Ownership link.

2. In The Permissions / Ownership page you'll see a list of the sub-accounts that you have permission to access. Click on the sub-account you want to make changes to.

3. Scroll down to get the to the Owner / Controller section. First notice the column labeled Account and the name of the sub-account you're viewing the info for. If this is not the account you wanted to modify, then go back up to the list of accounts and click the correct sub-account name. If you are the owner, then you will see the Owner tab and the button to Transfer Ownership to someone else.

4. Click on the Controller tab. If you don't see the Controller tab then someone else may be the controller. If you think you should be the controller, then talk with the person that created your account and ask them to click the Transfer Controller button to transfer control to you.

5. Click the Grant Permissions button to grant someone else permission to your sub-account. If you want to hire someone to help you build your website or create your songs and other assets on the system, ask this person to create a Master Account with Rhythmic Rebellion and share with you the email they used to create their Master Account. Then you can grant them the permission to get access to your Artist Account without giving them your user name or password. Once they are done doing the work you need, you can remove their access to your accounts.

6. In the image below, Leeanna was granted access to the Artist Account to create the scrolling song lyrics for karaoke. This is where you see the list of Master Accounts you have granted permission. If you hover over the account name, you will see the trashcan icon that allows you to remove the granted permissions.

Click on the account name to see and modify the list of permissions that were granted.

7. Click on the Grant Permissions button to reveal the box to search for the person's Master Account.

8. Enter the Master Account name or email of the person. If the account exists. it will be suggested and you can click on it. Then click the blue YES button. If there is no account already, an email will be sent.

9. You will be asked to select the permissions you want to grant, enter your password, and click the SAVE button.

10. The person you granted permissions to will receive an email like the following:

The person that was granted access will need to confirm. They will see the sub-account show up in their list of accounts inside their Master Account and they will need to click on it, select Permissions / Ownership, scroll down the Permissions Page until click the Confirm button. Now they can open this sub-account just like they open any other sub-account. (If the person being granted the permission does not accept/confirm it within 7 days it expires and will need to be granted again.)