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Transaction Register / Create A PayPal Business Account & Connect To RR

This register is where you'll find posts regarding money owed to you & money paid to you.

Your Transaction Register is located in the Master Account menu underneath your name:

Complete registration to money accounts using a temporary password. After you click on the Transaction Register menu item, the temporary password will automatically be sent to the email assigned to your Master Account. You can also request to resend the password email.

After a successful login using the temporary password, the money account user can monitor their sub-accounts ledger and set all accounts up to receive money.

In the Transaction Register, the user is equal to the Master Account in Creator. So ledgers are associated with regarding sub-accounts in the Creator site.

1. Ledgers

Ledger is where Master Admin as a Money Account User can read about the current balances for all of their sub-accounts.

Use the Ledger dropdown menu to select a different sub-account's finances that you want to look at.

The Ledger shows the transaction list, sorted by most recent as the default view. Master Admin users can filter the list by date as well.

The Ledger shows the transaction summary with its current balance, total owed by period, and total paid by period.

2. Tax Info

To be qualified to receive money from Rhythmic Rebellion, each sub-account must have completed tax information. This is a government rule. The Tax Info section is an electronic 1099 form as requested by The Internal Revenue Service (IRC) to track income.

You can have only one actual form. All previous tax info is stored.  

3. Payment Information

This tab is where you will need to connect your Business or Personal PayPal Account to be able receive money from Rhythmic Rebellion (see section below for more details on how to set this up).

Connect A PayPal Account

In order to receive any payments from your fans through our system, you have to connect your PayPal business or personal account. Using a Business PayPal account has some privileges. 

  • Business Account - Recommended for merchants who operate under a company/group name. It offers additional features such as allowing up to 200 employees limited access to your account and customer service email alias for customer issues to be routed for faster follow-ups. Money sent to a business PayPal account can be held directly as balance in the business PayPal account. The business account offers much more, such as receiving payments directly from your website and accepting debit and credit cards.

This link lists the requirements for a business account. You are not required to have a business status like LLC or INC. Your SSN is sufficient as your Tax ID Number. 

Click here to sign up for a PayPal Business Account.

You can also convert your personal PayPal Account to a Business PayPal Account.

Connect Your PayPal Within The Transaction Register

Each sub-account you own should have connected PayPal account to be able receive money. 

Сlick on "Connect with PayPal" opens a pop-up window or a new tab with a PayPal connection form. Follow the instructions.

Congratulations! Now your PayPal is connected. Repeat this PayPal connection process for the other sub-accounts you own.

4. Personal Info

In this area you can:

- Change the password to your Transaction Register.

- Change the connected phone number.

5. Transaction Register History 

Master Account who:

  • was the Owner of the sub-account but transferred this role to the new Owner.
  • had Transaction Register Auditor permission or Money Account Director permission for the sub-account but lost this access.

Master Account admin have the option to see the transactions in the account’s Ledger and Tax Information when they had access to this account up to the moment they lost it. The Master Account can lose access to the sub-account's Transaction Register if they transferred the Owner to new Master Account, or declined permissions to this account, or permissions were withdrawn by the Owner of the account.

The word 'former' next to the account type indicates this kind of sub-accounts in the drop-down list.