Fan Engagement

Create A Fan Engagement Campaign

To create your first Fan Engagement Campaign, go to the Fans tab at the top, then Fan Engagement. Click the Add New Campaign button.

  1. Fill out the opened form. It has only one required field, but it will be best if you tell your fans why they need to upload their files in the Description section. Select an image as the campaign cover. Or even better, use a video to explain your goal! 
  2. Then decide what kind of content you need from your fans. You can ask for videos, audio and image at once, or check just some of these checkboxes (at least one box must be checked). 
  3. Note: There are certain limitations for fans. One fan is allowed to upload 3 Video files up to 2 minutes each, 3 mp3 files up to 4 minutes each and 3 jpg images up to 4 MB each.  Don't forget to Save the campaign!

    Site Builder

    1. After creating Fan Engagement Campaign, go to the Site Builder and set up the Fan Engagement feature. All active campaigns will be displayed in the list.

    2. Pick one of available campaigns and select a view size of small, medium or large.  

    3. Then you can configure the font and text color for the title and description

    4. Configure the Buttons for their background and hover settings.

    5. Adjust the Background color using the pre-selected color palette or image/gradient.

    6. Change the shape of the campaign card with Rounding setting.

    7. Add Borders to any or all of the sides of the Fan Engagement feature. Adjust the size of the border with the slider, and select a color using the preselected color palette or the custom color picker. You can also adjust the Border Color Hover to change the color of the border when a fan hovers their mouse over the feature. 

    8. Finally, you can add a box Shadow. Adjust the position of the shadow, the amount of blur, the color, and the opacity.