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Join Rhythmic Rebellion as a Music Publisher

Rhythmic Rebellion was created 5 years ago with the idea of finding ways to increase songwriter and publisher income. Streaming royalties may always be low, so we decided to take a different approach. What else can we sell to fans that will increase songwriter and publisher income?

Karaoke: Music fans love to sing in their bedroom and car. But there is no good way for artists to sell their own recording to fans. Now, fans find third party tracks on YouTube to sing too. We fixed this by creating software that creates scrolling lyric karaoke that the fans can use to sing along with and a way for the artist to attach their instrumental track. The artist can sell this right from their website built on Rhythmic Rebellion.

Fan Song Mixer: We also create a 10 track/stem player/mixer where the artist uploads the stems and creates the mixer, then sells it to their fans from the artist website. The fans can make their own mix of the song by using the Solo, Mute, L/R, and Volume Up/Down controls. This means the fan can change a full studio mix into an acoustic mix.

Both karaoke and our stem mixer are song based which means the songwriters and the publishers get a mechanical royalty on the sale which is 9.1 cents per sale(This is currently being debated). Today, you will get paid this money from the artist or label but soon this will change.

We are songwriter and publisher advocates. You help our mission just by joining and being part of our platform. Please invite all your songwriter and publisher friends to join. 

If you have questions or would like to speak to a representative, email us at Learn more here about the Rhythmic Rebellion Mission.

To join go to this link: Music Creator Sign Up

After signing up, you will be inside your Master Account. This is where other sub-accounts can be created. Click the Create New Account button in the top left corner

You will see a list of options for different accounts you can create. Select Music Publisher.

You will land on our Ownership and Permissions tab where you will be asked for more info about your business.

Once done filling out the info, click SAVE then CLOSE. You are not back to your Master Account. See your Publisher account listed on the left side of the page. Click on it to reveal the options. Click open account. You are now inside your Publisher Account where you can manage songs, your songwriters, and create a website. 

In the top right corner, you will see the name of your publisher account. Clic the down arrow then select Open Account Profile.

Scroll down on this form to find your Account ID number. This is the number that a songwriter will enter when defining who their publisher is. Please share this number with your songwriters.