Suggested Social Media Posts

Here are some ideas on text to post on social media that can help drive fans to your website and cause engagement. The goal is to get them to sign up with Rhythmic Rebellion and share their email with you. Our software is the best at getting fans to share their email. They must sign up to comment on songs, use a gift code, or buy stuff. This really helps you build your mailing lists.

Song release: One idea for releasing a song for sale only on your website is the following: "Hey fans; I have a new song out exclusively on my website. I will give it to you for free using the gift code NEWSONG. If you're in a position to support me financially, it is greatly appreciated."

You will notice that we use “Powered by Rhythmic Rebellion” in these posts. Fans must sign up to use most of the features. Mentioning RR in your post helps the fan understand and trust RR because they know that you do.

  1. Suggested post
    1. Hey Fans, I have built a great new website. You can hear me introduce my songs and hear stories about the songs. While you’re there click my follow button, join Rhythmic Rebellion, and they will make a donation to my next music project. Thanks for your support. (Weekly)
    2. Fans, I want to hear you introduce my songs. Go to my website powered by Rhythmic Rebellion and listen to my songs and you can hear me introduce them. Well, I’m going to let you introduce my song. Pick your favorite song and make a recording of you introducing it. Use an app that only records audio. If you need help email us.  Make sure to say at least your first name and the city and state you live in. Then email me the file at artist should create a gmail account just for such purposes. They can delete this account once the spam gets high and create a new gmail account.)(fan questions, social post, using app that only records audio) (promote across all platforms and stories) 
    3. Hey Fans, check this out. On my new website powered by Rhythmic Rebellion you can make comments on my songs. Find my album, play my songs, and while the song is playing, click on Comments. You’ll need to join to make a comment. I will pick my favorite comments and give you a shout out. (Support in comments on socials, fans comments like and thank you) (YouTube merch cards/end screen cap, swipe up video assets to promote) 
    4. Hey Y’all, my new website, powered by Rhythmic Rebellion, has a song mixer where you can make your own mix of my song. You can solo just my voice and a guitar and turn a full band mix into an acoustic. Go to my website and scroll down to Mixers and give it a try.(keep in mind you can make this for sale and give it away with a Gift Code which causes fans to sign up and share their email.)
    5. Did you know that my new website has scrolling lyrics with each song? Go to my website, play a song and click on Lyrics. You can tap Karaoke at the bottom of the lyric window and hear the karaoke version without the lead vocal.  It’s all powered by Rhythmic Rebellion.
    6. Fans, I have some videos you have never seen. I have videos of me doing _______. For a little time I will give you free access using Gift Code Free1. Scroll down on my website to the Artist Premiere, Title of your Premiere, click the Add to Cart button, and at checkout use the Gift Code. The Add to Cart button will turn into an Enter button. Powered by Rhythmic Rebellion.
    7. Fans, I have a new video for you to check out. Go to my website and scroll down to the video called “what”. After you watch it, you can leave me a comment below the video. I’ll pick my favorite and give you a shoutout. Powered by Rhythmic Rebellion.
    8. Fans, have you been to my merch store lately. Here’s the link. My favorite t-shirt is the Title of the t-shirt one. All Powered by Rhythmic Rebellion.
    9. Fans, I have some new merch out. Here’s the link to my store. The new merch is at the top. Thanks for your support! Powered by Rhythmic Rebellion.
    10. Fans, we have new music out now and you can only hear it on my website. Not only can you hear it but we also have karaoke and a song mixer for each song. Make sure to click on Comments and tell me what you think. Powered by Rhythmic Rebellion.
    11. Fans, I will give you a free t-shirt if you get 10 of your friends to join my mailing list. Go to my website and scroll down to the Invite a Friend and Win feature and click the Generate button to get your own personal URL. Share it with your friends. Your friends must click the URL and sign up for it to count.  This will last for two weeks so get busy. Powered by Rhythmic Rebellion.
      1. Here is the article on how that works:

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