Get Your Fans to Invite Their Friends And Win

Our "Invite a Friend and Win" Feature allows you, the Artist, to reward your fans for getting their friends to join the platform and share their email with you. 

Offer guitar picks, a signed photo, a t-shirt, or something digital like access to your Artist Premiere, Karaoke, or MxRR. Offer a discount on merch. Create a t-shirt on Printful that cost you $15. Price the shirt at $30 and offer a 50% off if the fan reaches the goal. Shipping would be added to their price. This means it cost you zero.

Set a goal like 8 friends. The fan can see how many friends joined and you can monitor this in your Artist Account. You can set up to 3 goals and rewards. See more below.

When they reach the set goal, you'll have access to the fan's email and you can email the fan a Gift Code to 'purchase' the item they won for free or got a discount on.

Go to your Artist Account, click on the Fans tab, then click on Mailing List to watch your fan database grow!

Keep in mind that the fan must sign up with Rhythmic Rebellion for it to count. This process is automated, so even if some of your fans do not have an RR account, the system will prompt them to create one. We automatically share their email with you.

How Does It Work? 

You create an "Invite a Friend and Win" Campaign, fill out its properties, and place the "Invite Friend" feature on your Artist site (don't forget to Publish the change!)

Fans visiting your site can generate a unique link that they can share with their friends via social media, email, text or otherwise.
Our system tracks how many friends sign up using that link and both you and the fan can view the results. 

When the fan meets the goal you set in a Campaign, you can set up and send them a Gift Code for free "purchase" of the promised reward.

Create A Campaign

1. Click on the Fans tab and click Invite Friend in the left-hand panel.

2. Create a Campaign and fill out its properties.

Title: What your campaign is called.
Description: Describe exactly what the fan needs to do to win and the reward you are offering. We offer a default version but you can change it.
Goals: The number of friends your fan needs to sign-up to win the reward. Goal max limit - 100. You can add up to 3 goals. The targeted amount of invited friends for the current field should be greater than the previous field’s amount. Each field represents the exact goal - so it is not possible to fill the first field and the last, leaving the middle field empty. But it is possible to have less than three goals by filling the first and the second fields or just the first one. Be sure to explain what the fan can win for each goal in the description!
Start & End: These dates govern the time period your campaign is active. When the campaign expires, all signups generated by the link will still be functional and during the 7 days the invitations still will be counted in the campaign Goal, but after this, it will no longer give the fan credit for such sign-ups.

3. HINT: It is best to create a "sense of urgency" for your fan. We recommend that your offer not last more than 2 weeks. When it expires, you can start a new campaign and offer a different reward.

4. NOTE: Only one campaign can be active at one time.

5. Expired campaigns are displayed within the Expired campaigns tab.

6. You can reveal any of the campaigns to see the exact statistics for each campaign. Use it to track when the fan meets the campaign goal and earns their reward!

7. Reward Sent - This allows you to check if you have already sent a reward to certain users for the reached goals. It has two stances:

  • Reward Sent link - you can click it to mark the Fans that he has already rewarded
  • Date/Time - When the Reward Sent link is clicked the Link is replaced with the Date and Time when the action happened. The Date/Time is supplied with the X icon allowing you to change the button to the previous State with the Reward Sent link.

8. Joined Friends - The whole campaign card can be sorted by this field to display fans with the most involvement first or with the least involvement. 

Add The Invite Friend Feature To Your Site

1. Go to your Artist Site Builder and place the Invite Friend Feature on your site.

2. Adjust title color, backgrounds, and other feature properties as you do any other feature on Rhythmic Rebellion.

3. The campaign's Generate button will highlight and be active once the fan agrees to share his email with you.

4. When a friend joins Rhythmic Rebellion after clicking your Invite Friend link, they see the following message:

5. NOTE: Fans have the ability to track the number of their "Friends Signed Up". This tells them the exact number of friends that joined the platform after clicking the URL link your fan shared.