Billboard Tracking

Billboard Tracking: What You Need To Know

In order for your sales to be tracked with Billboard, there are two different codes that are needed for Rhythmic Rebellion to be able to send your information over to them correctly. 

Songs need an ISRC code; Albums need a UPC code. Add these codes when you are creating a Song Recording Title for a song and when you create an Album.

In most cases, your distribution company (CDBaby, TuneCore, etc...) issues these codes. Here is more information about and Song ISRC codes and Album UPC codes. You can find links within those articles that will issue these codes for free.


  • You can release your music on Rhythmic Rebellion without these codes. However, without them, your sales will not be able to be tracked through Billboard.
  • Songs and Albums can be bundled with the Karaoke feature but not the MxRR feature. There are specific rules with Billboard about what can be sold together to count towards a song or album making a sale.