Fan Sign Up Program

We Pay Artists to Sign Up Fans with Rhythmic Rebellion

It is always subject to change, but as of January 1, 2020 we are paying $2 per fan signup - up to $50,000!

In the next image, see the Follow button with the text below reading "Click my FOLLOW button, sign up, and Rhythmic Rebellion will give me a cash reward. Thanks for your support!" When a fan clicks your follow button they are offered the signup form. We track these sign ups and it is part of our Fan Sign Up Program. You can create your own text where you encourage your fans to click your follow button.  Our code asks your fans to share their email with you and many do.  See them under Mailing List.

Other ways you can encourage fan signs ups are:  Create a Multi-Use Gift Code and give away access to content like your Artist Premiere, a song, a MxRR, and other items.  If a fan tries to buy something from your merch store or comment on a song.  There are many things that fans need a fan account to accomplish.  If they do anything of those things, they are prompted to join Rhythmic Rebellion and you earn $2.

Notice: You must be owed for 10 or more sign ups to get paid. Five last month plus five this month equals ten and you will get paid. This rule is necessary to keep our PayPal cost down. We pay PayPal fees so you get 100% of the money owed to you. We tally your earnings at the end of each month and pay on or before the 15th. We reserve the right to deny payment when we suspect fraud or if you have not properly created you songs and other content based on our normal practices including defining copyright owners. You must create a normal artist website which includes your songs for listening.

So, post on social media and ask your friends and fans to go to your website and follow you. Tell them about your website at your shows. Let them know that if they sign up, Rhythmic Rebellion will provide you with financial support to assist you with future music and video production - it costs your fans nothing. Make your fans aware of who Rhythmic Rebellion is and what our mission is. You can let them know that even though on-demand streaming is great for fans and for music discovery, it has hurt musicians' abilities to sell and make profits off their own music.

The Rhythmic Rebellion mission is to find creative ways to help music creators make a living in music. We provide new digital entertainment for fans and things like cash to artists for signing up fans. Just by signing up, fans provide support to you and other artists on the platform.

Learn more about our mission here: Our Mission

You can see your Fan Sign Up Stats on your Artist Welcome Page. Click the Merch Store tab to see digital and merchandise sales.

When a fan follows an artist and signs up with Rhythmic Rebellion, the fan is asked to share their email with the artists. See image below. This also occurs if the fan signs up for any reason while on your website including using a gift code or buying something.