Tips & Tricks: Artist Premiere - Sell Access To Your Exclusive Content

Video Transcription:

Did you know that most fans discovering new music are teenagers? 

And most of them say they discovered that new music through video. Teenagers are pretty unlikely to pay for a subscription BUT they are very likely to pay $5 a day for a cup of coffee…so what are we getting at?

At Rhythmic Rebellion, we took all of this into consideration so that we could build you the perfect model for you to sell access to your exclusive content. 

We decided to call it the Artist Premiere because it represents a big accomplishment, an exclusive sneak preview, in which fans must have a ticket to access this special work of art. Your fans will feel the excitement around this event and highly anticipate it.

Plus, If you tell your fans that you’ve included videos and additional content that no one else has seen, they’ll have FOMO - and if you market it like this, they can’t resist wanting access to your personalized Artist Premiere!

1) The first thing you need to do is create videos and content. In the past, you were stoked to post your most candid videos on your Insta story... but now you need to save the best stuff for your Artist Premiere. Put up videos and photos of your family and friends. It can be funny or serious, fans love it all. Use that B-roll footage from your last music video shoot, post a video of you playing an acoustic version of one of your songs on your living room couch, or give them a tour of your home studio - whatever you think will keep your fans captivated and give a better look into you as an Artist!

2) Use your Artist Premiere to promote an upcoming album drop, where fans can see and hear previews of your newest song and music video - or offer them access (for a small fee) to the full track and video a week before you release it anywhere else!

3) Just starting off and wanting to get fans interested in following you and keeping up with what you’re doing? Use a social media post to invite your first 10 Premiere members in for free! Use a Gift Code for free access for a limited number of people because let’s face it, fans LOVE to feel VIP and everybody loves free stuff! Or use a Gift Code and give all your fans free access to your Artist Premiere, because Rhythmic Rebellion still pays you money for every fan you get to join!

4) Create as many different Artist Premieres as you want - you could have one for every season of the year - with fresh content and separate access. Then, choose to Bundle multiple Premieres together at a discounted price so that your fans can get their fix of all your awesome content! 

5) To access your Artist Premiere, open your Artist Account from your Rhythmic Rebellion Creator Site. Click on the Fans tab next to your Asset Manager. This is also where you can create your Gift Codes. And you can choose to Bundle items together in your Merch Store!

The Rhythmic Rebellion mission is to create new ways for you to increase your income as a music creator. 

The Artist Premiere is just one of these ways. So keep on creating, design your OWN Artist Premiere, promote it to your fans on social media and keep those follows coming on Rhythmic Rebellion!

For more info on how to create & add your Artist Premiere click here!