Store Page

This is the default Store that is automatically added to your Public Pages after you create your first product under the Merch Store tab in your Artist Account. 

This page has a predefined list of features:

  • Menu Feature
  • Text Feature
  • Store Feature 
  • Footer Feature

The initial view of this page is inherited from the Home Page, but you can adjust the background and the palette colors to provide a unique view of this page to your fans.

Changing the background and palette on your Store Page will also change the view of the related product and bundle pages. You can preview these pages by clicking the Open Details button of any product or bundle on this page.

If you're still setting up your Merch Store and want to publish the current version of your website, don't forget to hide your Store Page in Public Pages and remove the Store Menu item as well.

This way you can come back to finish your Merch Store without fans seeing anything before it's ready!

Find more info about our Store Feature and Store Policies.