Android Artist Application

Our Artists can use the RR Artists App for various purposes, like taking photos and videos and uploading them directly to their artist account. This allows you to take pictures or make videos and within seconds they are part of your account and can be used anyway you want.

When you upload videos, a link is instantly created. You can copy that link and share it through emails or on socials allowing anyone to see the video you just create. Sell happy birthday wishes to your fans, record the video, upload it, copy the link, and share the link with the purchaser. In less than five minutes you're done. No computer needed because the link shows up on your phone.

There is a feature called the Artist Feed. You place this feature on your website and you can post images or videos to it, from your phone using the app. You set this up in your artist account, then you can take an image or video on your phone, and when you upload it, it instantly shows up in your Artist Feed. This allows you to easily keep fresh content on your website.

You can also update your song intros, commentary, and BIO from your phone. The app allows you to record audio on your phone, upload it, then select the song and attach the audio intro or commentary to it.

There is also an editor. You can edit audio, images, or video.

1. Sign In

Download the RR Artists App from Google Play. When you open the app it will prompt you to sign in. You must be already signed up on the Creator Site from a desktop or laptop computer to see video tutorials and tips.  

You will use the same credentials to log in to the Artist App that you used to create your account from your desktop or laptop computer. Now let's check out these useful features you can use right from within our app!

2. Social Sign-In

Social Sign-In allows artists to enter the RR Artists app with s single tap on the corresponding button. Artists can sign in with their existing social media accounts such as Google, Facebook, Apple. This is a much faster way to access the mobile application than filling out the complete form as a traditional login.

3. Artist Profile

In the Artist Account, artists can create content for their RR feed, post videos to the Asset Manager, record audio and compose add-ons, see statistics, and check out the RR feed in the application. They can also view their websites created via the Creator Site Builder and review the latest news posted on Rhythmic Rebellion. 

4. Artist Statistics

The Stats block allows artists to stay updated with important data like statistics about their Fans & Songs. This feature is divided into several sections that allow quick access to the info they need. Filters help to select a time range the artists are interested in viewing. 

5. Content management

Content management allows Artists to create content (Photo and Video), they just need to press the Content icon in the bottom navigation area, select between Photo and Video tabs, and start the process!

6. Menu overview

The Menu screen appears upon tapping on the Menu option in the bottom navigation OR by dragging the Drawer from the left. The Menu includes the following:

  • Feed. Allows creators to view/edit/remove content that they provide by themselves via a special feature in the mobile application.

  • Addons. Allow Artists to record and create Audio Addons; upload audio and add-ons to the Asset Manager.

  • RR Media Editor. It’s packed with useful features for altering and modifying the audio, image, and video files along with saving.

  • Manage accounts/Log out option. The button navigates the Artist to the accounts list, still, remains under the same Artist account until he selects another account or navigates to the Master account.

  1. Create & Upload Content to the RR Feed

The RR Feed feature allows creators to manage (view/edit/remove) content that they provide via the Feed option from the Menu. To create content, they just need to tap on the Open Camera tab, select between Video/Photo options, and start the process! Also, Artists can add content from the Library, It is especially useful at concerts when artists are talking to fans. So, artists can turn on their video recorder on their phones, video themselves with their fans, and promptly post it to their website! 

8. Audio Add-Ons

Audio Add-Ons help artists to create an amazing experience for their fans. Using their phones, artists can easily record an audio file and upload it as one of the following add-on types: introductions to the songs, song commentarybio's, and artist announcements. 

Song Introduction: 

  1. Tap Song Introduction. You either see a list of Songs/SRTs that have audio intros attached to them or no SRTs if you have no attached intros. 
  2. Tap the 3 dots on the SRT you want to edit or tap the + sign at the top right to select an SRT. You will only see SRTs that DO NOT have intros already attached. Click the magnifying glass at the top to search for an SRT title if the list isn't showing a particular song. Tap the circle to the left of the SRT title and a pink check mark will appear. Click the check mark at the top left to confirm your SRT selection. 
  3. You are now in the Audio Files Section. You will see a list of audio files to choose from. If your audio file is in the list, tap the circle to the left and the pink check mark will appear. Click Preview and Save at the bottom. 
  4. If you have not yet recorded or uploaded the audio file, tap the + at the top of the page. You will see a list of recordings made using the RR Artist App. If you have not made the recording yet, click the + at the bottom right, tap the microphone and record your introduction. If you made the recording using another option, click the option below the microphone to access files already on your phone. Select the file then click DONE at the bottom.
  5. Make sure there is a pink check mark next to the file you want to upload and then click the upload icon at the top right!

9. Create & Upload Videos to the Artist's account

The Video Feature allows artists to record videos on their phones and upload them directly to the Asset Manager

10. RR Media Editor

RR Media Editor is a very powerful media content editor for music creators. It’s packed with useful features for altering and modifying the audio, image, and video files. 

The Image Editor can be used by artists to edit images or photos taken from their phone, with the ability to crop, resize, rotate and add filters. The Video Editor can be used by artists to modifying video files created via the RR app or uploaded from the user’s device, with the ability to rotate, change speed, and add filters. In the Audio Editor, there’s a library of effects, such as FIR, IIR, distortion, overdrive, echo, doubling, slapback, vibrato, white chorus, and others that can be instantly applied to your audio track.