iOS Artist Application

Rhythmic Rebellion Music Artists can use the RR Artists App for various purposes - like taking photos and videos - and uploading them right to their website. For example, artists can use video to tell fans they will be live on the website in 10 minutes, in such a way, attracting more fans and building their fanbase by promoting themselves via audio file recordings and composing different types of add-ons. What's more, in the application, artists are able to check out statistics on their songs, albums, fans, and so on!

1. Sign In

Download the RR Artists App from the Apple Store. When you open the app it will prompt you to sign in. You must be already signed up on the Creator Site that will guide you through video tutorials, tips.  

Then use the same login info to get into the Artist App to start discovering various useful features for the content generation. 

2. Social Sign-in

The feature is currently under development. Stay tuned!

3. Artist Profile

In the Artist Account, artists are allowed to not only create content for their RR feed, post videos to the Asset Manager, record audio and compose add-ons, see statistics or check out RR feed in the application, but they can also view their websites created via the Creator site and review the latest news posted on Rhythmic Rebellion. 

4. Artist Statistics

Stats block allows artists to stay updated on important data like statistics on their Fans & Songs. This feature is divided into several sections that allow quick access to the info they need. Filters help to select a definite period of time the artists are interested in viewing.

5. Create and Post Content to the RR Feed

The RR Feed Feature allows creators to manage (view / edit / remove) content that they provide by themselves via special option ADD (Camera icon). To create content, they just need to press the camera icon in the bottom navigation, select between Video / Image options, and start the process! It is especially useful at concerts when artists are talking to fans. So, artists turn on their video recorder on their phone, video themselves with their fans, and promptly post it to their website!

6. Create Audio Add-ons

Audio Add-Ons help artists to create an amazing experience for their fans. Using their phones, artists can easily record an audio file and upload it as one of the following add-on types: introductions to the songs, song commentary, bio's, and artist announcements

7. Create & Post Videos To The Asset Manager

The Video Feature allows artists to record videos on their phones and post them directly to the Asset Manager.

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