Video Display Options

Identify Which videos Are In The Music Player When A Fan Hears Your Song

Define specific videos as Music Videos!

When you're creating a Video as an asset, be sure to define if your video is a Music Video. If the video has your whole song in it, even if it is a live performance of the song, you need to define it as a music video and attach it to the Song Recording Title (SRT).

In the future, we will pay royalties to the Artist and the Songwriter(s) if an ad is played with your video. Attaching the SRT means we know who owns the rights to that video.

Attach A Music Video

1. When you're uploading your video asset, you will see this selection at the bottom of the form (see image below). If you're uploading a Music Video, click Yes and select the appropriate SRT from the list provided. In the future when we pay royalties, it is important that we know if a video is based on a song so that the songwriters can get paid.

2. Our Music Player has Video as an option for videos that your fans will enjoy watching. We provided a place for your fan to easily access the music video that was created for the song. Not all songs have music videos, so you can also attach a video that is not the music video to your song. Here's what is looks like on our fan site if the fan clicks the Video tab and you have a Music Video attached to that SRT. Your video will automatically show up here.

Attach A Video That Is Not A Music Video

1. Click Videos in the left side menu then click Show Options. See image below.

2. The first section is where you select your default video. If you have a Bio video, or just a new video that you are promoting, you can select it to show up as the video for SRT when you don't define a set video to be presented. Scroll through your videos or type the name of the video, then select it from the list.

3. In the next section, you can select a specific video to show when the SRT is played by a fan. If you are happy with the default video playing, then leave it selected. Click the down arrow to select from your list of SRT's. If you defined the video as a Music Video, it may already be selected but check to make sure!

4. Your selections are automatically saved. Now go to your website or the fan site - play your songs and click on the Video tab to check it out!