A typical bundle is a combination of products, both physical merchandise and a digital download can be sold together by an Artist.

Our bundles allow binding not only digital albums but can also include MxRR, Karaoke backing tracks, and Artist Premiere features as well! Click those links to get more information about our special features.

To create a bundle, you should have at least 1 item added to the bundle. Then, post it on your website for fans to buy.

Bundle Name & Bundle Description

1. Define the bundle name and a description to share detailed information with your fans about what you are offering.


2. Select or upload an image for this bundle. We highly recommend attaching at least 600 x 600 pixels for the image dimensions. Try to avoid loading images with different ratios. You can use images that you already uploaded, upload the image from your computer, or use images from the RR library under the general images.

Select Songs, Albums and/or Artist Premiere to be included in your bundle

3. Now Select the items you want to bundle together. Switch between tabs to pick the needed parts of your bundle. It is important to understand all the connections between different dates and your selected items.
  • Product Availability - If you decide to turn off the availability of your product, then the related bundle won't be available for purchase as well.
  • Songs and Albums Release Date - If you have selected an album or a song with a future release date, then this date shows when this digital item becomes available for fans listening and downloading even if it was purchased earlier within a bundle.
  • Artist Premiere Purchase Expiration Date - If you have created an Artist Premiere with limited access, then the related bundle is possible to purchase until the purchase expiration date comes, as an Artist Premiere itself.
  • Artist Premiere Availability - If you decide to turn off the availability of your Artist Premiere, then the related bundle won't be available for purchase.


4. We automatically count the sum of all items added to this bundle for your convenience. Change it to the price you want this bundle to be sold. The currency we support right now is USD.

In order to make more sales, think about offering these items bundled together at a discount. That way, people know they're getting a deal when they make a purchase!


5. Define a date, time, and the timezone you are going to start shipping bundles. Enter a regular or special price for your pre-order. You can set up pre-orders for track singles, full albums, merch store products and more.

To see pre-ordered bundles you have sold, go to the Orders tab in your Merch Store and open the Pre-Orders tab.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

6. Add the SKU if you need to identify bundles and track inventory. For artists that do not have as much merchandise to sell, having a SKU number for each product is not essential but it is good for tracking inventory over time.

With your first added a bundle, we automatically create a Store page in your Site Builder. It will be shown in the Menu Feature. 

As this page is automatically created, it won't be shown in the Pages list, but you can view it in the View as fan mode - navigate to the Store page in your menu and you will be redirected to the View as fan mode.

What's Next?

  • Check the Bundles you want to sell are available.
  • Go to your Site Builder and add the Store Feature as a promo to your Home Page! 
  • Check the view of your Merch Store page in the Site Builder and adjust it as needed.
  • Publish your site and share this news with your fans!